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  1. Think man with beard means that the low in that picture would give 10 times what is shown as the same system in warmer temp would give an inch of rain. That's how I read it anyway
  2. Ahhh! Haha...ok ok you got me!
  3. Seems a bit defeatist mate?Also thanks Gtltw...much appreciated!
  4. Thanks Nick, long time lurker on this forum but newbie here wrt weather charts...could you explain why there are so many conflicting charts on the current models? I know most are in FI but it seams like quite a close time frame at the mo and usually out to day 5 is pretty solid Cheers, Rory
  5. I have tried to scan through last few hours of comments but can't work out where we stand? Has there been an upgrade or some sort of agreement between any models? Regards Rory
  6. gfs t144 0z This mornings gfs
  7. Brian Gaze's comment this morning.... There look like 3 outcomes late next week. Cold spell, cold snap or it stays milder! The computer models are having difficulty pinning down the pattern which develops across the UK and Western Europe. I’m still favouring a cold snap with the most wintry conditions in the north. A cold snap I’d define as lasting a few days. Nonetheless, I’d say the chances of a cold spell have increased, as have the chances of it remaining milder, especially in the south. So to conclude, it’s now looking like a 3 way race, with cold snap remaining the favourite.
  8. Day 3-5 met office update this morning mentions wintry showers up north Monday, rather cloudy, some light showers, mainly in the northwest. Mostly light rain edging southeastwards through Tuesday and Wednesday. Showers following, perhaps wintry over high ground in the north. Looking forward to a possible upgrade for day 6-15
  9. At t216 the south holding on to the cold uppers
  10. Crazy difference Mucka...Please God let the ECM be correct V cold uppers down to Birmingham area at t168 <img src='http://images.meteociel.fr/im/4712/ECM0-168_qkg5.GIF' border=0>
  11. http://images.meteociel.fr/im/272/ECM0-144_zjy1.GIF T144 850 temps Looking good
  12. I don't think anyone is saying the northerly is nailed on, people are suggesting possibilities and using charts to back up their forecasts....better than just writing it off with no evidence just pessimism.