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  1. How do you think Dukinfield will do 170m? Back in work Tuesday so I hope no high winds!.. Driving over Shap on the m6 when it's blowing a gale often requires an undies change over at Penrith ☺
  2. PS think it's a joke if nw snow has been banned from the mod forum enjoy reading his posts and his enthusiasm for the weather!
  3. Hope the North west does well out of this storm snow wise this week, took the dog out up Holme Moss radio station last week the drifts were waist deep!! , if the roads are open it's well worth a drive up to see when it's been snowing...huge drifts.
  4. Long distance trucker... Mostly in Scotland or in a jam on the M6


    1. lassie23


      ever thought of a desk job

    2. icetruck


      Only if the office came with the same views I get!.. watching the seasons change and the early morning sunrise no days the same luv it! 

    3. lassie23


      desk jobs generally suck lol

  5. Hope Dukinfield gets some of the action! I'm 170m up nr the golf course, I'm gutted i won't be home though! Back in work trucking to Essex tonight then dundee tomorrow then coming back down to stoke so hopefully should see some snow 🌨... If the high winds don't get me tomorrow
  6. icetruck

    Model Output Discussion - 05/01/2016 18z onwards

    Hi All, 1st post here but been a "lurker" on here for the past few winters,let's hope the models come to fruition to give us an epic cold spell to remember! Great to read all the posts by all the winter regulars on here looks like ll have some fun days driving across the A66! Happy new year all!