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  1. My first taste of thunder at last.............. The neighbours putting their wheelie bins out!! Pfffftt!! I'm done!! Absolutely nothing­čśö
  2. Here in S Somerset and i have clear skies but if i look West, I can see flashes roughly every 3seconds! Sooooo frustrated. Not had anything here at all. That storm is about 80miles away from me too
  3. That channel storm looks like its going N/NE! It was looking like it would head for me in Somerset!! Oh well! Good luck to the rest of you, stay safe
  4. Look towards Ilminster/ Chard direction. Clouds starting to fill here in Ilminster
  5. That's because there's no one working this time of night at the Met to have changed it ?
  6. I'm a bit confused with what's going on tonight? Will we see anything in S Somerset? I've done the stupid thing and told my boy I'd wake him tonight when thunderstorms start but I can't see anything that suggest we'll get it here
  7. Just had about 10 large rumbles, no lightning to be seen and probably 10 large raindrops!! So close!!!!
  8. Clouds seem to be building to my E S/E. Radar showing a fairly big shower incoming but no seferics showing on the radar yet
  9. No, but funny enough I'm supposed to be going to look at one tomorrow!! Don't think that's going to happen now! Grrrrrrrrr
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