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  1. No, but funny enough I'm supposed to be going to look at one tomorrow!! Don't think that's going to happen now! Grrrrrrrrr
  2. 3°c and dp of -2 here. Seems to be dropping 0.1° every 20mins in the last couple of hours. Just waiting for the ppn to arrive
  3. It's all I need to control my language! Blizzards everywhere........ Oh no it's I need to control my language!! 2ft of powder snow incoming!! Maybe not................we've had at least 7 pages of this! Let's just stop the sniping!! It's not going to make any difference to the weather! Children should be seen and not heard! Pipe down and just listen to the more knowledgeable people on here. No need for half of the comments. Probably this one too, but I'm ready to leave this group, even though I never contribute as I'm nowhere near as good as most in here but it's getting beyond a joke!! Sorry mods
  4. Came bk from Yeovil about an hour ago, it was dry when we left but by the time we got to the 303 the road was like a river! Apparently the lanes in South Petherton are flooded too. *jaffa cakesing it down in Ilminster for the last hour now*
  5. Flashes to the left of me, lightning to my right............ here I am, stuck in the middle of BUGGER ALL!!! All the flashes and no thunder
  6. Ciderwithrosie, think we need to keep an eye on anything that pops up between Weymouth and Bournemouth. Rumbles coming from Beaminster direction, heading this way. Just started raining
  7. So what's the deal with this cold shot? Is it a case of wait till Saturday/Sunday and nowcast or are we on for a few inches? I can't see that we're going to get anything round ear worth talking about
  8. Possibly a stupid question but, will this ice storm take away my snow? It's really bad out there now
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