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  1. It’s taken a lot of folk in Cornwall and Devon by surprise today, several centimetres falling leaving people stranded. I think the impact for parts of the South West was very much underestimated today. A great day for snow lovers across Southern England today - and all this without embedded cold air
  2. And wrong for Plymouth and lower ground in Devon I’d say. Good attempt but not quite
  3. It’s been an unusual day in Plymouth. Rarely does a weather front come in from the west give 3 hours of rain before turning to heavy snow given a good covering. Back-edge snow from the west - it’s just odd!
  4. Just had a snow shower in Plymouth! Slight covering, likely to melt however. It’s the first snow of the winter
  5. Looking like Tuesdays snow event is a no go for Devon and Cornwall at least. Is it likely that the model may still shift a little further south and slow somewhat given D&C a better chance?
  6. Lovely day here in Plymouth, early rain has cleared to leave a sunny, fresh winters day, perfect for a stroll along the sea front. Winter is by far my favourite season
  7. A grouping of showers just off the north coast of Devon and Cornwall - could these turn to snow as they move it inland? Is it too early?
  8. Decent chance of 2 consecutive frosty mornings in Plymouth this week (Tuesday and Wednesday) it's been a long while since that happened!
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