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  1. I know this weather is a bit historic and rather awesome but the best thing to have come out of this “treat” is realising what a cracking, friendly, caring bunch us southerners are....... the weather may be epic but we are more so!!!!
  2. Seems to have all stopped here near Southampton........is that it or is there more coming? Just poured another glass of wine, need it to be a happy glass not a sad one!!!
  3. It’s like a thousand unicorns pooping glitter......soooooo pretty am I right in thinking there’s still more to come for Southampton too?
  4. Is it still looking ok for Southampton area later oh knowledgable weather gods??
  5. You’re quashing my mojo!!! Anything is better than nothing and I can’t see us getting nothing.......anyone agree, please agree lol
  6. are you saying we will get nothing.....surely not.....please say that’s not true
  7. Morning you lovely southern people you, as a complete numpty novice has it all gone horribly wrong? All the weather apps have seriously lessened the snow possibility here Feeling pretty down this morning, please cheer me up and tell me it’s just a huge cyber glitch
  8. I’m on my way........do we need more Gin? I can make a quick stop at the Gin shop
  9. Evening all, hope you’re all having a good one x This is me tonight so far........
  10. None of my weather forecasts show anything exciting at all honestly, is there something in the offing? Please reassure me oh lovely people
  11. Not me, 1974 ....jeez I feel really old now, I did say I thought you were all great, ummmmm maybe not so much
  12. I’m just a lurker with no knowledge what so ever but I just wanted to say that you lot in here make this a great place to be. There is no nastiness or toys thrown out of the pram and you are all knowledgable and I’m slowly learning bits and bobs, so a big thank you to you all
  13. Just wet, wet and wet here, not even that windy I feel like my soul has been sucked out with a straw
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