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  1. DuncanK

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    There's always one isn't there! Just as bad as all those who were wetting themselves last week as the cold spell approached, only for them to turn around midweek and say, "I've had my snow fix now, roll on spring"!
  2. Just wanted to say thanks again to Knocker for his extremely informative and well written updates. For those very much in the minority such as myself who regularly read these pages simply to acquire accurate information as to the forecast itself, they really are greatly appreciated.
  3. I'll second that. Makes such a pleasant change from the childish hysterics in other sections to have something informative rather than what "we" want/need to happen. Thank you Knocker.
  4. No, it's still chucking it down with rain. Just driven South from Leatherhead to Horsham. It's just rain.
  5. Just curious as to why anyone would think they "so deserve" cold weather......or warm weather for that matter.
  6. Maybe the mod thread should be re-named "The Hunt for Murr" !!
  7. Jay Rayner......??? Last time I checked he was a Chef.....!!!
  8. Mucka, I hear what you're saying, but rightly or wrongly the vast majority of the non-weather watching public have a preference for what I will term dry, useable weather. Appreciate you're in the cold, snow loving group, but again, rightly or wrongly, snow falls cause disruption to daily lives/routines, whether that be in a major way, or just what others would term a relatively small inconvenience. So that's why when giving their particular forecasts, some of those presenting them will accentuate on the longevity of any potential spell in a way that isn't agreeable with most of the cold loving folks on here.
  9. DuncanK

    Southeast England and East Anglia - Weather Chat

    Nothing so far in Leatherhead, and long may it stay that way!!!!!
  10. Then perhaps one of your colleagues on the hosting team must have been mistaken when he posted this yesterday, which I would suggest continues to be ignored? I agree completely that it's a discussion forum, but part of meaningful discussion is the ability to disagree. I shall finish by suggesting that from an outsiders perspective it would appear that some individuals get a longer lead when it comes to which thread they post their comments that's all I'm saying. Not wishing to stifle discussion but let us remember this thread is about current models and what they are showing. One or two posts seem to be drifting into the realms of Winter forecasting/hopes. Those views can be expressed in the many other threads that we have running.
  11. I have to agree wholeheartedly with this comment. There appears to be one rule for some individuals who continue to post comments pertaining to what MIGHT happen in the weeks ahead, thus ignoring the request for comments to be kept to what the models are currently saying, and then one rule for everyone else.
  12. DuncanK

    Model Output Discussion - 31/10/2014 and Beyond

    I take it that the "we" you speak of is the 'Royal We'??
  13. Perhaps not, but this is a model discussion thread after all....apparently!!
  14. All I will say is thank the Lord the winter is over and a bit of sun & warmth is hopefully on its way. No endless snow flake watching for the next few months!! Bliss.
  15. Having spent the majority of the last 3 months underwater, "boring" weather as you put it is just fine with me thanks!!