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  1. I just wanted to send a very quick note out to everyone who contributes to this page before I disappear off into my normal 'lurking' position, to thank you all for all of your wonderful contributions, posts and comments on this page, particularly last evening, a lot of which kept me thoroughly entertained. I think we went from asking why an Amber Alert wasn't being issued, to folks lamenting that there was nothing falling from the sky. Is it moving east, no, it's going north west. And then in amongst that the usual informative messages that someone like myself has learned so much from in the time I've been using this page to watch the weather. I'll readily confess that I really dislike the cold, and further to that hate snow with a passion, so I'm very much a loner I understand that. BUT I always use this page as a tool for work where I have responsibility for a large office park that I have to get gritted and cleared of snow should it fall....so you can hopefully appreciate, snow can cause me a massive headache. BUT that said, this page is massively informative in terms of details as to what to expect, so thank you all for continuing to do what you do, and whilst I won't pass on 'Congratulations' to anyone or wish them 'Good Luck' in terms of getting any more snow this winter, I very much love all your enthusiasm, banter and informative info. I'll quietly slip away and watch from the background and wait for the spring, but genuinely thank you all again.
  2. There's always one isn't there! Just as bad as all those who were wetting themselves last week as the cold spell approached, only for them to turn around midweek and say, "I've had my snow fix now, roll on spring"!
  3. Just wanted to say thanks again to Knocker for his extremely informative and well written updates. For those very much in the minority such as myself who regularly read these pages simply to acquire accurate information as to the forecast itself, they really are greatly appreciated.
  4. I'll second that. Makes such a pleasant change from the childish hysterics in other sections to have something informative rather than what "we" want/need to happen. Thank you Knocker.
  5. No, it's still chucking it down with rain. Just driven South from Leatherhead to Horsham. It's just rain.
  6. Just curious as to why anyone would think they "so deserve" cold weather......or warm weather for that matter.
  7. Maybe the mod thread should be re-named "The Hunt for Murr" !!
  8. Mucka, I hear what you're saying, but rightly or wrongly the vast majority of the non-weather watching public have a preference for what I will term dry, useable weather. Appreciate you're in the cold, snow loving group, but again, rightly or wrongly, snow falls cause disruption to daily lives/routines, whether that be in a major way, or just what others would term a relatively small inconvenience. So that's why when giving their particular forecasts, some of those presenting them will accentuate on the longevity of any potential spell in a way that isn't agreeable with most of the cold loving folks on here.
  9. Nothing so far in Leatherhead, and long may it stay that way!!!!!
  10. Perhaps not, but this is a model discussion thread after all....apparently!!
  11. All I will say is thank the Lord the winter is over and a bit of sun & warmth is hopefully on its way. No endless snow flake watching for the next few months!! Bliss.
  12. Having spent the majority of the last 3 months underwater, "boring" weather as you put it is just fine with me thanks!!
  13. Nope, not one little bit. The only upside from all the rain was that at least it wasn't snow falling!!
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