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  1. Heavy snow in Dronfield, Sheffield at the moment. Won't last but nice to see it at least falling from the sky
  2. GFS does consistently want to try to build a negatively tilted ridge up into Greenland in the first week of December and the high pressure to our East is moving away enough for us to benefit. Whether it plays out that way is another matter of course but there is certainly the potential for a good start to Winter (if you like cold).
  3. Crazy rainfall totals registered for the month with more than 2 weeks still to go. Next Wednesday/Thursday looks like it has the potential for another deluge too
  4. Looks like very heavy rain is approaching Sheffield now and other areas that definitely don't need it
  5. Looks like there's the potential for several hours of heavy rain for the region tomorrow afternoon/evening. River levels have fallen substantially but the ground is still very wet, hopefully it won't be too intense.
  6. The charts certainly aren't your typical zonal affair and could easily deliver something wintry mid term but we are definitely stuck in a rut with relentless low pressure systems spinning around the UK. Lots more rain to come.
  7. Very wet again here this morning with surface water gathering quickly and saturated ground. Hopefully Thursday's rain will stay far enough south else the swollen rivers will no doubt respond quickly
  8. Looks like the River Sheaf is going to breach it's record levels. Very heavy rain coming down around Woodseats still
  9. Unless they've significantly boosted flood defences at Meadowhall since 2007, it looks like the river Don will be making a big entrance into the shopping centre shortly
  10. Very heavy rain in Dronfield/Woodseats area of Sheffield right now - River Sheaf will probably start moving upward again if it continues
  11. Ridiculously hot day (and still is). Sheffield also recorded its hottest ever day at 35.1 degrees
  12. There's definitely the potential for something wintery towards the last 3rd of February. As usual with our island, the building blocks need to be perfect for deep cold but at least we're in the game. Worst case scenario, we can all start thinking about some spring warmth soon anyway!
  13. I don't think the output is really that bad for cold - yes it's going to be milder next week but it's hardly a horrific zonal train either. Plenty of chances for further cold and worst case scenario, at least we can start hunting some spring warmth soon instead!
  14. Alot of these apps are useless with these easterly shower type setups. They have no idea until it's actually snowing half the time
  15. With the previous beast an Amber warning for my area resulted in about 1cm of snow (followed by 20cm whilst under a yellow warning). Hopefully it'll be different this time!
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