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  1. Ridiculously hot day (and still is). Sheffield also recorded its hottest ever day at 35.1 degrees
  2. There's definitely the potential for something wintery towards the last 3rd of February. As usual with our island, the building blocks need to be perfect for deep cold but at least we're in the game. Worst case scenario, we can all start thinking about some spring warmth soon anyway!
  3. I don't think the output is really that bad for cold - yes it's going to be milder next week but it's hardly a horrific zonal train either. Plenty of chances for further cold and worst case scenario, at least we can start hunting some spring warmth soon instead!
  4. Alot of these apps are useless with these easterly shower type setups. They have no idea until it's actually snowing half the time
  5. With the previous beast an Amber warning for my area resulted in about 1cm of snow (followed by 20cm whilst under a yellow warning). Hopefully it'll be different this time!
  6. Still bitterly cold outside. We have some epic icicles forming off the slowly melting roof and an ice stalactite!
  7. No sign of anything for South Yorkshire this evening - it might well be game over for us for this spell now but we'll see what tomorrow brings! - Must be very exciting to be in the South West/Wales tonight, looks like an epic event is occurring down there.
  8. We've had a good dumping after that first Amber warning false start! - looks like we're out of the game for a while at least though. Can't complain really but looks like Emma has interrupted our shower trains whilst only bringing the dregs of it's precipitation this far north
  9. I've lost all faith in the weather apps for this sort of Easterly event. The models seem to have some vague idea of what might happen but not to any sort of accuracy
  10. Looks like the front might well reach south yorkshire at least if not further north.
  11. Amazing how long its been going in Sheffield - just when you think it's petering out, it lingers on a bit longer
  12. White out again in Sheffield and looks like showers are beefing up again out to sea. Happy times
  13. Looks like another large shower about to hit southern Sheffield and Chesterfield. It's been a great day so far
  14. I've given up even looking at the weather apps/websites with regards snow. The models have some idea there will be snow but are useless at predicting exactly where in these easterly setups
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