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  1. Good evening guys!Temperature here in Romford, Essex has risen to 0.3. Are we expecting any surprises for us later tonight or tmr?
  2. Chris Fawkes has just tweeted he fancies the eastern extent of the low tomorrow with 5-7 cms for Greater London. It is just his view though. Let's see.
  3. After half an hour of heavy snow, skies are now clearing in Canary Wharf. Don't know what is the situation in Romford at the moment, when I left we already had a covering.
  4. Met office have just issued a yellow for early hours on Monday. What worries me is that they haven't updated the yellows for Tuesday and Wednesday (yet). Lets see. I am not even bothered for Friday as it is long way ahead.
  5. Good evening all! Isnt it a bit weird that Chris Fawkes stopped updating his Twitter for the last few days?
  6. Trying to turn to snow here in Romford. Hope that the wind can dry everything out!
  7. Oh alright mate. Apologies, I am new to weather watching and thought is fully out. Was looking at weatheronline...
  8. Based on the latest run, there is no chance of snow for southern England in the next few days. It does seem that the GFS 6Z run is quite a warm one.
  9. It is quite marginal for us, we might get something morning hours though....
  10. For next week, it does seem that GFS has turned back to mild weather...let's see if it brings back the cold in the next run.
  11. I can report very light, flying snow here in Romford. In the meantime, sun is still out!
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