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    Snow and thunder ~ both together would be great !

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  1. Amazes me how Whitstable is still on a yellow warning yet just down the road in Canterbury it’s amber how can the winds be so different within a few miles ?
  2. Please please please let there be snow in whitstable tomorrow morning I don’t want to go n to work ?
  3. Can anyone confirm if we got any snow through the night near me no laying snow on the ground I tried so hard to stay awake to see a glimpse
  4. Rain ☔️ In whitstable not feeling that cold yet . Fingers crossed for the white stuff ?
  5. Rain in whitstable paths are so dangerous. I fell over twice much to my daughters amusement ?
  6. The sun is now out in whitstable . Still a beautiful sight and lots of snow just hoping it remains until I collect little one from school as have sledge ready for some fun
  7. Looks beautiful in whitstable but not enough for a snow day as school just text to say they are open little one not happy ?
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