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  1. Don't know how it got like it and can't put it right......have tried. Kinda like being sideways. Made me laugh, when I looked on here.
  2. I can't help it. Will have to do a new Pic. Kinda funny though, have not got the Foggiest, when it comes to Tech stuff. (as you can tell!)
  3. lol. I used to worry about my sidewayness.......but now I just don't care Maybe I will do something about it...one Day.
  4. That's appalling !!! Not about wanting Snow. Some People!!!!!!! Still, you know what they say......Small D**k.......Small Brain!!!
  5. Just thought I would ask........ what does any one think of Simon Keeling? ( Weatherweb) I watch his Forecast"s and they are pretty much spot on, also very informative Don't like to hop in the MOD thread too often,as it's a bit and 'School Play Ground like'
  6. Country File weekly Weather....10deg,Cornwall You would be banned for life
  7. -1.5. Weather Station,says falling... @223ft ASL (69mt) Maybe we might get Some Snow?????.....if not, then.......
  8. I did too, while out for a Walk with the Dog. Looked like it was over Glastonbury/ Wells way.
  9. 2.7 here and a Raw wind Blowing. Dogs Ears were 'a flappin' tonight on his Walk...bless!
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