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  1. Must be in our region, central southern England. I’m just North of Basingstoke and we have heavy snow again here. Started about an hour ago. Looking at the radar we are in a sweet spot at the moment. The situation around Basingstoke is serious. Lots of people stuck in cars on M3 and surrounding roads. M3 was completely blocked.
  2. Wow, BBC weather on news channel at 9.56 really ramping up next weeks cold and snow potential. Can't believe they went that far!
  3. Morning all. Got up about half an hour ago. No snow in Arborfield (near Reading), and no frost either. Temperature was +2c when I got up but fallen to + 1.3c now. Not hopeful of seeing any snow now.
  4. Hello everyone, haven't posted for a while but the developing weather for the weekend looks very interesting. Just watched the latest BBC forecast and there was a warning for violent Thunderstorms with frequent lightning, hail and torrential rain possible across our region. Definitely one to keep a close eye on.
  5. Very loud rumble of thunder here in Arborfield. Didn't see any lightning but raining quite heavily now.
  6. The storms that stole Christmas on Ch4 now. Looks like its worth viewing.
  7. Flooding alert issued tonight for West Berkshire by Thames Valley Police: Thames Valley Police would like to raise awareness of the current flooding incident in West Berkshire affecting the West IIsley and East IIsley local areas and potentially lower down the valley. Due to the heavy rainfall and saturation of the land, groundwater level which is rather unpredictable is rising at a considerable rate. We are taking a multi-agency approach to quickly respond with our partner agencies to deal effectively with this emerging issue of flooding and we are deploying our resources to monitor and mitigate the effects of the flooding to these areas. The military are assisting the police and other agencies to put in preventative measures and sandbagging precautions are currently put in place to protect flooding of properties in East IIsley. A number of partner agencies are currently involved in pumping water as part of the flood relief efforts in the West IIsley area. This water is being pumped to a nearby stable and onto the land, which is running as part of the natural water course. The pumping flood relief efforts are having an impact on the surface water only and having minimal impact on groundwater flooding in East IIsley. The impact of the increased levels of the groundwater is contributing to the rise of water levels in East IIsley and risk of flooding of this area in the West Berkshire LPA. Chief, Insp Cecilia Agger, silver commander said: “Groundwater is rising which is causing flooding, this is due to saturation of the land and surface drainage systems being at full capacity. “We are working with the military, Royal Berkshire & Fire Rescue Service, Environment Agency and other partner agencies to put in place preventative measures and sandbagging to protect at risk properties. “I would like to reassure residents we are acting quickly, assessing all risks and taking a multi-agency approach to resolve this emerging flooding risk. Please do not contravene or ignore any road closures put in place, for your safety. “We aim to ensure there is a minimal disruption to residents but please note there will be some disruption to travel and we would advise residents to look at the West Berkshire Council website for any updates on the road closures.â€
  8. What a night, constantly woken by big gusts and our house creeking. Taking my sons to football now (indoors!) so will be able to see any local damage around Arborfield, Reading and Sonning.
  9. Wind has really picked up in the last hour here. Can't measure the speed or gusts but proper stormy now but no rain at present thankfully .
  10. Wind and rain Didn't seem as bad as I expected last night and has been fairly quiet since I got up about 7.30am but the wind has just really picked up, sky darkened considerably and rain started again.
  11. Very stormy here in Arborfield, a tree has come down in School road Arborfield so I had to make a detour to get home. Had torrential rain and violent gusts of wind.
  12. BBC weather for the week ahead mentioned the possibility of it turning colder at the end of this week and even mentioned the 'S' word (snow) although it looked more likely in the east from his weather map! Dare us coldies hope it might be true?
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