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  1. Diamond Joe

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Much more snow that I was expecting this morning between 1 and 2 inches id say very pleasant powdery snow
  2. snowing but cant see it lasting long but im drunk so i dont care lol
  3. roads similar here wouldnt wanna be in car
  4. drink more you will care less
  5. moderate but small flakes here in Shirley road is beginning to white over again could be a fun journey home for people again
  6. you went to early there lol
  7. Almost certainly the right decision Whilst the snow might not get particularly deep the ice and the drifts aint gonna get better, if you dont need too dont bother
  8. Stourbridge Road/Drews Holloway always bad in weather like this, Mucklow Hill and Furnace Hill also stuff, everywhere out of Halesowen either up or down a hill
  9. when ever i put the animation on the netweather rader it looks like tetris in reverse, a jog to the west then north north then west, west, then north to the point where i now think im seeing what i wanna see not what is happening, still loads of activity though alot of heavy stuff going on thru Somerset/Wiltshire and Herefordshire some places gonna have best/worst snow in years. im just happy we at least involved
  10. I hereby claim my virtual pint from earlier in the week!!!!!
  11. Stourbridge Road, Halesowen apparently things getting worse
  12. just seen pics of Solihull town centre looks grid locked Same goes for some of the roads in my old home town of Halesowen
  13. Lets see where we are mid afternoon before we all start throwing the towel in people come on, just cause its not right outside our windows right now doesnt mean its not be a significant spell on a wider level. How many times has there been two red alerts for weather with a rash of ambers and yellows
  14. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/warnings#?date=2018-03-01 red alert Devon and south wales
  15. red alert now out for devon into south wales amber alert for west midlands firmed up but same location as yesterday gets to worcester not birmingham