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  1. The morning after the day before.........reckon we topped up to a total of 7-8 inches here and as I can work from home its amusing to see other struggle off their drives this morning, our road does not look like fun, My parents over in Halesowen reckon they had a foot of snow and its the most me mom can remember falling. Truly a memorable snow event
  2. Snowing heavier again, although not heavy, covered me car again after id cleaned it off lol Cant remember last day it snowed all day
  3. I thought it had stopped here but still going too though its very fine its persistent
  4. walked the dog, done the measuring, and its between 5 and 7 inches depending on where you measure. best fall of snow i can remember since 90s
  5. Halesowen expats everywhere lol
  6. wrong Fallowfield road this is the one in Halesowen
  7. i grew up on fallowfield road that meadowbrook road hill always fun walk in the snow
  8. ahhh Halesowen the old hometown can get some good falls there. Deepest i remember one-day iin 70s walkin to huntingtree school snow coming up over me boots
  9. and still its snows certainly better event than Jan 2013 for me will measure again when i walk dog but reckon there's 15-20cm in places here on garden furniture for example
  10. just walked dog really good and ongoing fall of snow here least 3-4 inches roads and pavements more on other surfaces
  11. 4 inches on the coldest surfaces I’d say 2 inches on roads and pavement
  12. Morning Dancer, its looking mighty fine out there so far i assure u
  13. Hi MIA yeah im just off Stratford Road in Shirley its looking good another few hours of this will be lovely
  14. About an inch here on the patio table id say building nicely