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  1. Somewhat annoyingly im supposed to be driving Solihull to Rochdale Thursday morning, could be a fun drive
  2. missing here sadly but radar looks good for at least showers passing through during day, should see something fall doubt accumulations
  3. on a completely unrelated note my Mom grew up and live on Ashes Road, Oldbury/Langley in the 40s and 50s
  4. Squall passing through here now quite impressive wouldnt wanna be out in it
  5. What a flipping useless Winter so far........at this point id settle for a flipping frost!!!!
  6. Agreed, we need to show a little bit of patience here nothing was due in the area till at least 3pm if not 6pm lets keep our eyes to the skies people
  7. Doubt those will be much use now more the window and radar
  8. Whilst some are saying its gone south doesnt that still look fine?
  9. Bankety Bank......so far we seem to have Icon slightly south not reaching bottom of m42 but then both GFS and HIrlam through the Central Midlands, plenty to still feel positive about at this stage
  10. this is where the access to so much information is annoying, constant changes from run to run a minute to minute in some cases like the more southerly ICON to slightly more northerly GFS. Its no wonder forecasts are difficult. Personally I'm happy to wait to see actually what happens at this point not obsessing over each model (though I say that im still bloody looking aint i lol)
  11. Blimey some of you in here really do need to see the lighter side of life, so it didnt snow as much as we wanted, we move onto the next chance and bet your life most of us will be back here again Thursday with childlike hope in our hearts, if only some of you could handle disappointment (should it happen) like an adult
  12. I agree to some extent, im excluding apps from that, its been knee jerk reactions from some before lunch that made it not appear that it was
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