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  1. Hot stuff from ECM tonight may see a string of 30C+ days if this come to fruition. That low W of Iberia may pull up some spectacular thundery weather too, up from south, not far off a classic.
  2. Reached 30c 72N Siberia, today. 😨

    1. karyo


      Horrible if that heat feeds into the Arctic ocean! The ice is already in a terrible state.

  3. The models look very westerly driven this evening it’s not terrible but it’s not good either some much needed rain for north/west, may anchor down longer than what some thought, clearly a period of high uncertainty.
  4. High of 17C today feels chilly! 

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    2. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      your weather a bit repetitive moki! you wanna move east like me, cloud cloud sigh cloud

    3. Daniel*


      You aren’t east Atlantic 🤣

    4. Mokidugway


      It's relentless this sun one dull day in the last 25 days 

  5. Extreme heat in Scandinavia today up to 32.9C sensational and mad for early June.

  6. Ghastly hot in central line today glad tomorrow will be cooler and fresher. Nice weekend, can see some towering convection think it’s reached glass roof so to speak, don’t see it being smashed.
  7. Hope you’re all enjoying your summer while it lasts. Some meaningful rainfall for Central Belt south at long last although much of Scotland clear from it, if ECM is right welcome autumn, so long summer 2018 see you next year, I kid! Night is not the only thing that’s young.
  8. This robocop ought to make its mind up from being an active to inactive member in a matter of hours! Cheek.

    1. Mokidugway


      You been mooodeed old bean 

    2. Mokidugway


      Nice header btw

  9. What’s this talk? Models have shown for a few days now of a cooler/wetter interlude nearing mid month. Perhaps this is only gaining momentum, you can’t expect it to be endlessly good esp after that May.
  10. Already June! Thoughts on summer? :) 

  11. Late Not a perfect start to summer 15.8C thanks rainfall near average if above in some areas with convective rain.
  12. Not far off almost winner.. certainly was a notably warm month in London sunniest in ages...
  13. Very happy to be away but I’ve missed out on a terrific storm - gutted.
  14. Right under pathway alas I’m on the S Sussex coast so annoying! Flash flooding a real concern in urbanised areas crazy rain rates.
  15. Where are you? it’s not been any of those things really so... *headscratch*. Definitely not damp very dry apart from rainfall from thunderstorms biblical amounts of rain last night. Today parts of east mids from a fairly stationary cell had unofficially observed 80-90mm much fell in a hour just south of Northampton, might be a record amount of rain or at least local record that in time. Spring starting and ending noteworthy.
  16. Round two what a night this is
  17. What a night it’s been and more lined up. pretty much constant lightning for a lengthy period of time not seen anything like that in years, rain out this world!
  18. Impressive thunderstorm rolling in every few seconds. Getting louder.
  19. Did you look at GFS it has 12C isotherm from this Saturday to following Saturday across E/SE areas.. based on that high 20s are possible in prone areas shows a very warm week, through much of next week.
  20. Not interested in that but thunderstorms currently pushing north over northern France. Watch it all die down and we just get the wet stuff.
  21. Was a lot worse further north only reached 11C in parts of NE England with stratus plaguing coastal areas. We had a northeasterly airstream today, veering more from south through this week so it’ll certainly improve. Don’t say that! This spring has had an abundance of easterlies something of note....
  22. Two separate bursts of thunder here the most we’ve seen in ages one strike was near was loud.
  23. Big rumble that wasn’t really expecting anything today.
  24. “It is very rare to get fully-formed snow tunnels in England. As we approach June, conditions have been perfect for this to happen. Pictures today on The Cheviot, courtesy of Jamie Wood.” 


    1. Mokidugway


      Impressive dan 🙂