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  1. Expect thicker cover by sunrise some impressive convection pushing S wouldn’t surprise me if some wake up to 10cm if you’re lucky.
  2. Mystic meg what are the lottery numbers? A few of us could see some wintry showers in very near term temperatures look to be colder at 2pm than in wee hours.
  3. Daniel*

    What ever happened to ?

    No regular in SE thread which is worrying to not hear anything from her..
  4. Grabbing the popcorn not just for the weather 😉 

  5. I don’t find these posts particularly helpful the SSW just happened at start of 2019 we’re seeing the fruits of this in model output Rome wasn’t built overnight. It’s probable a fair few of us will have seen snow within next 10 days. ECM mean is fantastic and it’s very much mirroring EPS which has remained steadfast for over a week. Winter is coming...
  6. ECM ups the ante with shower distribution on Thursday much of east seeing wintry showers.
  7. Good stuff from UKMO she sure is sliding.. GFS having none of it like 18Z much less shallow too need to keep AH retracted away from Iberia minor details sure do blow up in these situations.
  8. I’m concerned that those less in the nohow think it’s actually insightful it’s all German to me it takes a talent to decipher. Although he is a nice guy and a resident to SE thread - we love you tight isobars..
  9. It’s pretty dry... the slider just gives precip to Ireland sort of disintegrates apart and far SW all falling as rain there. There is some transient snow across much of country on Monday.
  10. ECM is very cold even by Friday only 1-2C in London hovering around freezing across much of country.
  11. Think you’re wrong there December 10th 2017 delivered under very marginal 850hPa temps -2C was good enough it’s a flabby low too looks great for evaporative cooking. And the fact low pressure is sliding is indicative of something much more bigger/interesting going on.
  12. Easterly/northeasterly
  13. BOOM! A widespread snow event would surely be inevitable it’s all going south the way we like it.
  14. Lovely channel low giving a snowy southern U.K. very feasible as jet stream digs further s introducing colder arctic air.
  15. Everywhere on cold side of jet stream visibly better than 06z frequent showers for NW wintry over higher ground makes for much more interesting weather.
  16. EPS has aroused interest in extended for the last few days decent coutinuity that doesn’t suggest cold northerlies looks northeasterly definitely a continental tug. last Friday...
  17. Not posted since last year happy new year! A frustrating winter so far I’d rather see stormy weather than nothingness, have faith things will eventually fall into place. Personally I wouldn’t mind the transient snow day brought upon by ‘wedges’ of high pressure think this will become a possibility around mid month with high pressure not in command, reckon chance of a freeze will come late January into Feb.
  18. Love living near riverside.. very nice end to day.
  19. I don’t see any need to feel abject morning models were definitely a big swing in right direction! At least it looks sufficient cold pooling is going to be east. Ridge should be more durable...
  20. Get a grip not even 33% of the way done with winter Rome wasn’t built in a day! And spring can deliver but preferably wouldn’t want to see it that late..
  21. ECM with some festive cheer that would be QTR or possibly it’s do with MJO maybe both with bitter easterlies I’m sure shortly following that poleward amplification now lets get it in reliable. Merry Christmas
  22. Merry Christmas all had a not so good year, hope 2019 is better. And snowy! 2018 will be remembered fondly personally for its late winter cold and snow dispelling it being too late, and extended summer.
  23. Your reading comprehension is awful ‘these (wintry) conditions probably continuing for rest of the period’.
  24. White Christmas yes well it never looked realistic, but not surface cold this has firmed up. A ‘white’ Christmas in some sense for many, risk of freezing fog too which will make it feel very wintry much more than norm.