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  1. Had several ‘monsoon’ downpours today but no thundery activity I’ve had the grand total of 1 thunder day this year which is as far as I know unheard of, really strange and interesting how variable it is across the southeast region... close but not close enough. Today or yesterday now, turned out to be notably cool around 3pm the temperature dropped to 15C evaporative cooling at play, and it never really recovered from there, went out in garden topless briefly minutes ago... and for first time in a long while, I noticed a slight chill in the air, autumn must be coming!
  2. A power cut has affected much of South London including all of SE16 the power was off for roughly 20 minutes once in a blue moon occurrence, suppose it’s different for you rural folk, so very unusual in duration and not at all isolated... lower road chaos, so I’m told with traffic lights off glad it’s been fixed. Modern city life ceases without electricity.
  3. Unrelated but same across much of south London and large parts of SE England national grid fault apparently very usual for so long, traffic lights and all chaos...
  4. Down in our ‘second home’ Winchelsea for the week, the sunny south coast never disappoints! Was pretty windy today.. warm enough in sun to not feel cool, but doesn’t really have anything on what’s to come.
  5. Augusts have deteriorated in the last decade maybe a symptom of climate change..
  6. Northerners getting big thunderstorms again *hiss*

    1. Dami


      boo hiss

    2. IanR


      non here in wigan

  7. 28.7C at half 8 in morning and a low of 22.6C warmest night I’ve recorded, seriously hot today. 

  8. I’ve put my pillow case in freezer exceptional circumstances calls for such things... roasting in bedroom 31.6C and outside it’s still 24.5C warmer than this time last night, wonder how high today? Personally I do not see 40c being reached anywhere. Interesting most models are going with areas to north of London like Cambridgeshire being hottest 38-40c, similarly I’m unsure about that... the powerful UHI of London will reign supreme?
  9. 31.2C in shade will comfortably be the hottest day of the year here 0.9 to go.
  10. It’s roasting after a low of 17.1C overnight could prove to be record breaking night Met Office forecasting a low of 23C absolutely awful... house like an oven!
  11. Thursday, Northolt, 37.1C maybe a little far given recent W corrections which lessens heat in SE.
  12. Looks like it will be very hot for a time next week, the highest temperature of year here is 32.0C I’d say very good chance of beating it next week not a fan of heat but I like the stats.. higher more interesting.
  13. Roll on more zonal weather, cloud continue to stream in off the North Sea. No good for us in the east.
  14. Weather has somewhat soured since weekend cloud dominating.. limited sunny spells sort of reminds me of much of June just less of cool temps and rain. It has been a “meh” summer in London so far, very close to average temp wise, too much cloud for my liking had some wonderful clear days but nowhere to frequency of last summer. I suppose a normal summer is harder to swallow after both 2017 and 2018, experienced extended, excellent summer conditions.
  15. 25*C at 1am wonderful! *sarcasm*

    1. TomSE12


      Hi Daniel,

      Yes, just down the road from you in Lee at the southern end of Lewisham Borough. We had to have 2 Fans, yes TWO, trying to cool our Bedroom down. It wasn't until that weak cold front moved through that it felt a bit more comfortable, about 3 AM or so. Had to come downstairs at 11 PM and sit under our lounge Fans (2), for a while. So pleased to see a cooler spell of weather ahead for a week or so. Really hope July doesn't turn out like last year, as I ended up in Queen Mary's Hospital, Sidcup, with heat exhaustion.


      Tom.  :hi:

    2. Daniel*


      Hi tom,

      Yes I couldn’t sleep until around 3 it was utterly horrid today was much more manageable nice w’ly breeze, them uncomfortable nights are seen every summer never look forward to them. And while you’re not far from me, with my closer proximity to central London UHI is even more intense.. it makes you long for cold cosy winter nights. One young girl I assisted on street I suspect she came down with heatstroke, she was in a right state poor thing. 

  16. Can confirm it’s a scorcher out there barely a bit of wind unrelenting hot sunshine.. temp has just reached the magical 30.0c !
  17. It’s possible given extreme airmass and very hot temps seen on continent this morning we are still under it but what we should see is a very rapid rise this afternoon.
  18. Wonder how hot it’ll go today, I reckon 35C imby, perhaps <10% of 36C somewhere more prone, it will certainly be notably hot the first proper hot day of the summer could be hottest day of year.
  19. Nothing so far can beat feb warm spell that was truly exceptional...

  20. Amazing structure for UK looks like it could have been taken in midwest.
  21. The RH has really shot up now 88% feeling very muggy and a clearance coming up from S maybe game on...?
  22. Well the pub run certainly wasn’t boring, I’m not sure what the new GFS is drinking but I’ll have what it’s on worthy of a mention. A ‘Death Valley’ ridge with severe 40C+ heat affecting France and Southern Europe. 28C 850hpa temps over parts of France with 24C isotherm making it to Kent & East Sussex coast. Chance? 0.0000001%
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