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  1. White Windsor! Decent snow rates.
  2. It’s much heavier compared to what radar has. Pretty surreal looking out my window after little over two weeks ago like a flashback.
  3. Measured 3cm on bird bath on top of ice still it falls, love seeing it blow about just like the last cold spell who would hand thought that it’s been snowing throughout the day really started at 6am beats March 2013.
  4. Some of you further north must be getting buried incessant for Lincolnshire.

  5. No freezing rain? All snow and powdery similarly for tomorrow everything snow.
  6. Radar keeping me interested has backbuild a little despite moving away and widely more oompth to precip.
  7. They did HIRLAM showed 10-15cm particularly to the south of London fitting with amber pretty much through entirety of London and SE a bit off.
  8. Sussex folk who have seen next to nothing? This band has pepped up a bit and expanded swerving away a tad.
  9. With all this snow that has fallen if it was a cold build up easily could have seen more than x3 the amount.
  10. @bluearmy you must have seen a fair bit? And ongoing shows how intangible everything is.
  11. At least you may share common ground from him on me at least. Back to weather dry slot to my south set to close. Pretty decent this is here.
  12. Lol.. yes your highness, you similarly have triggered commotions.
  13. I’ve checked my posts in the last 12 hours and I’ve said nothing of sort think the snow or the lack of it is getting to your head.
  14. Well I don’t think anyone earlier thought the main event would be centered over northern Home Counties and East Anglia the emphasis was modelled considerably south. HIRLAM has done poor but all models have been poor if worse.
  15. I didn’t say a thing? I agreed it was pushing WNW certainly seems this has stopped. I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m seeing quite decent snowfall here for a number of hours now in SE16 I’ve been lucky again just being north enough to remain on the good continuous side.
  16. Agreed it isn’t going to plan so who knows it should be dragged more south so areas outside firing area in should theory come back into it.
  17. It’s the residual warmth from the mild temperatures in the teens unlike last time it started fairly anticyclonic. However, if snow is of a strong intensity it would.
  18. It’s been snowing here pretty well for what seems like a while not much to show for it but grass is all white.
  19. It’s definitely not moving southwest anything moving west and a touch north.
  20. It should be I don’t expect so. Properly snowing the sky looks thick of it.
  21. I’m near central London with no elevation and it’s settling. Although a bit of a microclimate it seems.
  22. Continuous snow it’s been and this seems to be set in for London not amounting to much sugar dusting...