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  1. Yes I saw that one I thought about it but I have saved a fair bit over this lockdown, I wanted to make sure I would be satisfied and well with 12,000btu should be perfect! I’m unsure in what order of magnitude it is a step up from 9,000btu. It’s roasting today feels hotter compared to yesterday humidity 63%.
  2. Sounds about right record cold second half to August the bedrooms normal temp this heatwave has been 30C being above the kitchen doesn’t help, and being east facing it rarely gets good airflow.
  3. I finally bit the bullet and bought AC unit 12,000 BTU which was recommended to have to ensure fast cooling. It arrives tomorrow bit expensive ~£300 cheapest I could find for “power” but no more horrible nights. electriQ 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner for rooms up to 30 sqm P12C | Appliances Direct WWW.APPLIANCESDIRECT.CO.UK Buy electriQ 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner for rooms up to 30 sqm P12C from Appliances Direct - the UK's leading online appliance specialist
  4. I’m sitting out in garden it’s pretty nice 25C could get used to this What’s interesting is my high temp was only 30.4C the temp began to shoot for heavens then just before 3pm an estuary breeze must’ve set in. SJP just 5 miles to my west was 32.4C amazing the differences you see in London within short proximity.
  5. What’s your reasoning for today then? Been nothing but sunshine in London yet temps have not risen rapidly it’s flattened off here 28.3C. 1pm temps:
  6. It’s a death sentence expecting anything in SE apart from roasting to death. You’ve buggered it now the blame will be solely on you.
  7. The cloud has thinned with some hazy sunshine but still temps have underachieved today it’s a little too late now 32c at Heathrow some way off 35C forecast which I never saw where that was coming from wind direction not playing ball furthermore this cloud was in models, yet the last TV forecast I saw didn’t include any cloud at all for today. Not impressed with AROME today while it did forecast cloud it didn’t get a good grasp of how limiting it would be in London. here’s a bee in my garden enjoying a foxglove
  8. No I don’t think this is true at all certainly not in summer, the days Heathrow is warmest in country even not hot days in summer it’s a frequent occurrence often by more than 1C. I’m sure 1991-2020 averages will be revealing which will be available from 2021. Heathrow seems to be getting hotter at a faster rate compared to elsewhere my anecdotal experience.
  9. Looks like a recipe for slow moving torrential thundery downpours from midweek especially I feel some may see a real deluge so it’s not quite most agreeable summer BBQ weather.
  10. Min temp 22.3C the warmest night I’ve ever recorded the cloud made the difference acting as a blanket, it was a horrific night indoors 30C you just can’t sleep. AROME looks right with today with lots of mid level cloud in SE so today looks somewhat underwhelming and likely underachieving.
  11. Sadly Gary broke the news I seriously thought we had done it, it’s interesting how frequently we seem to challenge it but never come quite close enough in end.
  12. My warmest night on record low of 22.3C with 65% humidity let’s just say I didn’t get a wink of sleep.
  13. I used to love reading your witty posts in here among first I saw and had much respect...theres nowt stopping you from posting, apart from pride and sweet nostalgia of good old times. Tis a shame. Nothing lasts forever. Take care anyway.. I’m marinating in my juices tonight.
  14. Reached 34.2C not impressed nearly SJP reached 36.1C but AROME caught cooler Rotherhithe very well a combination of the area being less of an urban jungle and the “cool” Thames which wraps round.
  15. An uncomfortable day today only 28C but with humidity was feeling like 34C thankfully Friday will have low humidity. As for warm nights last July it was half 2 in morning and it was 26.6C (80F) these crazy warm nights are nothing new to me.
  16. You may as well be on another planet you should know this by now. Wales is not joining in with heat as is much of UK the very warm to hot temps are confined to S/SE England. Friday the most widespread day. Elsewhere the temps will be an improvement on much of July, while being quite close to average.
  17. We’re more likely to see maybe high 30s early next week IMO, mainland Europe will be blistering hot it’s looking the hottest spell since 2006 or 2003... on UKMO I can see it. As far as I know no raw data has 38C in London area and Marco P met office employee, recently tweeted the automated forecasts some are now modified in this instance Heathrow has surely been to account for airport.
  18. Well the met office app is forecasting 38°C and this has caused quite a stir on Twitter. Personally I don’t think there’s a chance of that.
  19. It’s a rare instance most models were widely off ECM for example was 5C off if you’ve used the model over the years you will have identified it tends to be the most OTT equally with wind speeds as well. ECM has a 34C in Cambridge on Friday I can see this being closer to reality I can’t see how 17C uppers can translate to knocking on for record breaking heat. It won’t happen.
  20. What south east bias there’s no such thing? ARPEGE is a model known for being too hot and going crazy with coverage. ECM 00z has cloud for you before midday I’m sure UKV is reflecting that.
  21. With the Atlantic ridging too as you can see on ECM 12z.
  22. You can see it coming amplified Atlantic ridge often though the reality is less sharp.
  23. Very nice here in London, 23C, blue skies earlier on I’ve still not had a drop of rain this month.
  24. Why are you confident? At most 850hPa temps look to be about 18C I don’t think that’d satisfactory even Saturday isn’t looking definitive looking at GFS. The models were looking hotter few days ago.
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