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  1. Plot thickens 18Z ECM gives snow in SE England! With 850hPa temps above freezing peculiar times, I seem to remember I think it was in 2016 in an otherwise unremarkable winter we had some pretty cold weather, so near continent was cold wind veered from south with +2C 850hPa temps managed an ice day even in London, the only one of the winter, and there was snow grains seem quite widely.
  2. Would say that’s of note Euro4 with accumulative snow Essex/Suffolk border. All cold rain for our region something tells me otherwise I think I’ll see all rain!
  3. It has not felt as cold as this since March nothing compares to continental sort. Hopeful some of us will see some flurries tomorrow ECM certainly conducive London north to ‘sea level’ away from coast.
  4. Definitely! It’s quite a slack flow but pressure isn’t particuarly high and SSTs are above average, I wouldn’t be surprised if London and surrounding areas sees first snow flurries of winter.
  5. More importantly it’s on the mean as well this isn’t looking like no transient feature maybe it will even retrograde.
  6. He may find some success with that!!
  7. Sister Sally when seeing GFSP..
  8. GFS is too progressive and ECM gave widely 10”+ to interior of Scotland. A lot of snow.
  9. I wouldn’t be stunned if a fair few of us see some leading edge snowfall on Saturday transition to rain quicker more south and west you go but seems to be direction things are going.
  10. A misunderstanding in reference to northerly airstream GFS has been consistently showing a northerly airstream with a ridge to w, in fact that is the first run I’ve seen go for a mild Christmas.
  11. One thing for sure it wouldn’t be mild! And I do not know where you are getting that impression from Xmas day itself has only come into range of GFS in trusty FI... and from what I’ve seen cooler and wetter around the period seems more likely than very mild SW’ly winds definitely seems seasonable weather won’t be far.
  12. Such a laughable difference from UKMO 12z to 00z doesn’t look any good for undercut but nowhere near as progressive to 12z with doomed Scandi block, seemingly a lot of struggle in this area.
  13. It seems like it’s rained every sodding day since meteorological winter started hopefully not a sign of things to come through winter, January should be interesting maybe even tailend of Dec. I’d love to see core wintry weather feature in midwinter it’s been a long while since there has been something really historic.
  14. Not feeling very festive this year not just weather sprained my ankle quite badly, oh well could be much worse. Looks much more seasonal next week still a flicker some of us could see white stuff.
  15. Not saying for the cold sake of it but I’ve never thought much of UKMO it may be second best at verification stats but for our corner of the world tends to very inconsistent at only d5/d6..