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  1. It’s a shame we can some weather of opposite nature in the now and almost forget all that very long stretch of great summer weather we had clouds your judgement.
  2. Daniel*

    Autumn 2018

    Nope ending being an average winter at least in SE which has been hard to come by in recent years.
  3. Terrible tragedy in Genoa.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. lassie23


      bridge collapse:shok:

    3. Dami


      aye no chance.

    4. Mokidugway


      Unusual  design  incorporating post tensioned concrete ,could be corosion  ,very sad 

  4. Always catches you off nights quickly drawing in now.

    1. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      Yes, I have noticed this in the past week.  I find that when the sky is cloudier, it gets dark earlier.  It seems like autumn is coming early this year.

  5. Lovely summers day nice and cool and some much needed moisture. 

  6. The weather will do what it wants it doesn’t cares about your desires. Rest of month looks nice and pleasant to me I was down that way two weeks ago, and it was actually too hot for me..that’s a first. This Saturday looks like it could be a wet and windy less so for us in southeast, it’s nice to have some variety. No sign of summer being ‘cancelled’ perhaps most pleasant spell of summer weather on way. No need to worry.
  7. No doubt it’s been a hot summer observed fourteen days above 30C another two expected - but channel has proved a barrier all summer for big extreme heat. 

    1. Dami


      how are you since your fall? phone sorted?

    2. Daniel*


      Still in a bad shape poor knee :sorry: and phone not yet.. it’s been a very bad week. 

    3. Dami


      oh dear :( hope knee is better soon.

  8. Much more comfortable night despite that it’s 19C now, humidity must be down on last night was unbearable perhaps worst of summer was low 30s inside upstairs. I feel this summer would go in my good books if I didn’t work and had a house which is like oven. Summer will be over soon! And I ain’t grumbling.
  9. Gorgeous day not a cloud but too hot for me to enjoy being out, the sky is a terrific shade of blue.
  10. 17.4C eventually cooling off an exceptionally warm first half.
  11. It doesn’t feel warm when sun is obscured, we look set to see return of very hot weather. Oh joy.
  12. When you’ve been baking in the capital for weeks on end, poor show really we did see some much needed rain still have puddles and rain fell hours ago, humidity I assume limiting evaporation.
  13. The drought is well and truly broken...deluge, and some good T&L with it.