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  1. Do you mean April? Highest temperature of year still stands from 19th with 29.1C at St James’ Park it seemed like we did not truly have a spring or a very short one, very much winter to summer, major SSW probable influencer. It’s quire odd too after some really wet months in succession in this part of the world, we have had a run of very dry months. This month is the driest month I can ever remember with likely to finish with under 1mm! Can’t say this year is ‘boring’ for extremes. Its a bit tiring folk analysing every run with talk of breakdown when ‘hot’ spell is yet to start in earnest. I’m very sceptical with a true breakdown in the next 2 weeks, it may turn cooler but it’ll likely be warmer than average with HP firmly rooted certainly the best for beyond this spell, for us in the southeast as usual.
  2. A seriously warm week in store next week, there looks to be at least 4-5 consecutive 30c+ days a heatwave in full sense of word. Wonder how high temperatures will soar, I feel 33-34c is doable despite not exceptionally warm uppers expected. Not looking forward to commute on jubilee line no AC, will be like fiery depths of hell..
  3. Conceivably we could see hottest weather from this spell in early July.. ECM opens the gates to southeast some hot air available this flow sustained would bring some very hot weather. Can be a very sultry direction unusual to typical Spanish plume. Limited sea track too. That doesn’t look like any spoiler low at d10, just a brief thundery attack before likely things settle down with a continuation of very warm to hot weather. ECM 12z is phenomenal for any summer lover.
  4. Dew point is low right now only 2c difference in airmass between now and next week is shocking. 

  5. Anyone would think there’s a beasterly! The reality winds will be very light the UHI of London will work to full pelt, great set up for homegrown heat and optimum time for it too with the shortest nights.
  6. What are some folk talking about... we almost made 30C with 12-13C uppers in April. 2 months later with stronger sun factor in how everything’s dried out by these abnormally dry conditions - ECM quite likely would achieve successive 30c days. Finishes off great too....
  7. Hot stuff from ECM tonight may see a string of 30C+ days if this come to fruition. That low W of Iberia may pull up some spectacular thundery weather too, up from south, not far off a classic.
  8. 💕xxx

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      Oh god ! Who was the culprit 😂

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  9. Reached 30c 72N Siberia, today. 😨

    1. karyo


      Horrible if that heat feeds into the Arctic ocean! The ice is already in a terrible state.

  10. The models look very westerly driven this evening it’s not terrible but it’s not good either some much needed rain for north/west, may anchor down longer than what some thought, clearly a period of high uncertainty.
  11. High of 17C today feels chilly! 

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      I remember Atlantic 252

      your weather a bit repetitive moki! you wanna move east like me, cloud cloud sigh cloud

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      You aren’t east Atlantic 🤣

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      It's relentless this sun one dull day in the last 25 days 

  12. Extreme heat in Scandinavia today up to 32.9C sensational and mad for early June.

  13. Ghastly hot in central line today glad tomorrow will be cooler and fresher. Nice weekend, can see some towering convection think it’s reached glass roof so to speak, don’t see it being smashed.
  14. Hope you’re all enjoying your summer while it lasts. Some meaningful rainfall for Central Belt south at long last although much of Scotland clear from it, if ECM is right welcome autumn, so long summer 2018 see you next year, I kid! Night is not the only thing that’s young.
  15. This robocop ought to make its mind up from being an active to inactive member in a matter of hours! Cheek.

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