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  1. Most definitely like a summer storm dying a death and taking too much of a rightward turn. Although a deluge will affect much of SE England, I wouldn’t like to be in Hastings right now!
  2. Unbelievably still raining don’t remember a day like this continuous rain for a very long time, now a fine drizzle which soaks everything, does appear front is lifting northwards of South London at long last.
  3. Had some lovely sunshine earlier in day but alas the cloud rolled in from west, seriously dislike this mid teens cloud fest nor warm or cold, it sure has been a gloomy October so far! Horrible month.
  4. Well location wise I’m from a hell hole, snow and cold speaking... inner London, floodplain. Some don’t realise how good they have it... a typical winter in London is very cloudy only 40 something sunshine hours in December and January. And often snowless very devoid of colour, usually nothing really interesting happens a limbo. wet pavement can’t get more depressing than that.. cold but not cold enough. I don’t look forward to winter, I look forward to the version of winter I want quite intensely but alas that’s a fools game reality hits hard much more than not.
  5. Think you have a short memory CC more often than not same mild theme, we’ve had a reoccurring tendency to negative NAO in the last 6 months since late spring and indeed this is continuing well into autumn, forecast AO for mid October trended negative, more arctic amplification and days are counting down the more this keeps up makes you wonder. Can’t help but feel something a little different about this winter.
  6. Was a cold one first thing dipped to 4.9C coldest of season so far, so undoubtedly suburbs must have had a ground frost. It’s been a very cloudy day despite that a smidgen warmer than yesterday 14.1C.
  7. Can we have that in writing? Pretty remarkable the change in the last week grass looking healthy and green even during “2018 drought” the yellowing problem had rectified itself in August.
  8. Some crazy skies today like something otherworldly, multiple deluges even a thunderstorm nothing mental... Rotherhithe PWS has seen 16mm today and I suspect they’ll be more to add to that total by midnight.
  9. Very difficult one I’ll go with 9.9C and 96mm unsettled first half the first widespread frosts not feeling an Indian summer, famous last words.
  10. Next Wednesday we’ll be lucky to see teens, single figures up north a bit of a chill to come and indeed first grass frost is likely in our region, not unusual for us to wait a whole lot longer..
  11. Hi Lauren, I’m not not taking about you, I think you’re one of the better ones and BW is very good and fair, over years I’ve seen it first hand breakdown of SE community, not sure how a community can exist when all what happens is people get silenced out of fear, and discussion gets shut down ie. politics thread. I hope people can self moderate, it’s not too much to ask and if they can’t, deny them. I’m unsure why it seems the moderators seem to act as babysitters.. when nearly all of us full grown adults, maybe I propose a new area ‘separate’ to main forum, which requires acceptance into, only 18+ in which discourse can happen without so much moderation, if any. There seems to be too much moderation if you ask me, and it needs to be done more fairly, some have a ticket out of jail it seems. @Mr Frost Er no being frank most regionals are stale, well I’m just saying we have lost many valued members over years, who were very interesting characters, not drama seekers well maybe there were some, it’s not a coincidence. I read the other regionals for time to time such as yours and I notice off topic stuff is never far, yet no one goes in there certainly a hostility to southeast in the wider forum community. I don’t make sense of it. I do think you have one of the best regionals though. I feel it’s all a sad state of affairs Tom has departed. Anyway enough of this, the weather? I see blue and it’s 20C quite good going for late September.
  12. The rules are more relaxed in regional threads well that’s been the impression, it seems SE thread has always received more scrutiny, perhaps because the people are more interesting. There’s opportunity to discuss wider daily going ons alongside weather. I feel you are being a bit of a misery guts... forcing people away like so many have, self expression is important and human, more difficult to see on virtual space we’re more than blank profiles, none of this rigid nonsense do you want it to be ‘dead’ and soulless in here? People who moderate need to do a better job and focus on what actually needs dealing with.. and Tom is certainly not someone you need looking at. as for lots of thunder and lightening not sure what part of town you were in!! Although it did give as much as we had seen all year, which does not say a lot. Quite a good weather day shame there’s been so little. In dry slot right now but more heavy PPN gathering to SW/W.
  13. An exceptionally wet day in ‘middle’ London over 40mm and easily wettest day of year here. More falling now... @TomSE12 to hell with with them people! Keep on posting we’ve lost too many, we need you!
  14. Grim day was warmest 10 in morning the rain bits and pieces of nothingness...always seems to be the way for us further south and east, notable how yellow the grass is... last year ‘drought’ had remedied itself by August it’s been a pretty steady going on drier side this year, would be a problem next summer if upcoming months aren’t fruitful.
  15. It did feel fresh this morning falling to 8.2C not the coolest it’s been this autumn but it’s just nice to see single figures now, the mild nights in teens set to return with narrowing diurnal range. Boo! I do notice now it’s very evident summer is behind us maximum seen before 3PM in which was 20.2C under cloudless skies it would have been warmer a month ago. The mornings & evenings remind us.
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