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  1. The gap is closing! Radar not looking bad going into the morning set an alarm for 6... >
  2. Greenwich near yep although strangely last beast I think I cropped a lot more weird isn’t it, it was atrocious for five years I had nothing but dusting it was depressing. From 13/14 up to the daddy beast. This winter and spring is going down as memorable I’ve seen more snow than the last four winters combined x10. It is incredibly rare for London to be looking at significant snowfall mid March and not even the wet variety in general powdery snow is nonexistent most of the time so for what 17-18th March. Soaking it in. Also drifting snow likely!.... so very impressive if short.
  3. The FAX Thames Streamer is back could well see more than last time.
  4. The cold front hasn’t even arrived so it hasn’t even started and tomorrow mornings snow is evident on radar. HIRLAM has it intensifying and broadening.
  5. Seems like fleeting continental cold theres just no blocking to push deep cold our way a cold zonal sort of pattern I think would follow. Unsettled and horrible really, the Scottish mountains will be white.
  6. Models never pick up the intensity particularly well like last time..... I think the amber was justified we shall see.
  7. Woo in the amber not surprised in the slightest, this time I see areas south of London over north downs cropping the most sweet spot probably localised 15-20cm I’m calling.
  8. There has been a northward shift but not only that wind direction has veered more easterly rather than ene but that is incorrect to suggest so. Some models while minority clobber London and SE the HIRLAM was best with snow last time, so I take note it’s interested in 10cm and excess fairly widely. I think the far southeast may be challenged not a great sea track to work with, nonetheless a fairly strong signal for an area of persistent snowfall looks to move up. And then work from east to west.
  9. Nothing’s changed all we have seen is the aim of attack change, and it’s trended more positively nationwide to be snow bearing, ever since last Sunday when it first become apparent, it’s never looked anything more than a weekend event so you’re off there - and as a matter of fact the cold snaps duration and snow window has increased a little. Do make sure you know what your post is right, as it comes across as a lot of baloney. Your point is even more redundant with the last beast picked up some day 10 plus in advance, models are improving I’ve noticed. And on your logic let’s just shut down this thread as the models, frankly don’t know anything? And only engage in short term model thread that is a way of reducing / silencing discussion.
  10. Six are dead last I read never mind injured I believe and it was only finished this weekend. Although the pedestrian part was yet complete there would have been even more injuries. Not quite liking the trend to push things more north...seems ECM op was backed.
  11. Now that is a proper Thames Streamer on T+72 fax that convergence zone is there for 12 hours a lot of snow would fall BANK. Organised snow too to the S, looks very snowy this weekend.
  12. The window has widened. Still very cold with snow showers in Southern England.
  13. HIRLAM shows a quite active cold front longer spells of snow possible Saturday AM into PM more especially north and east of London.
  14. I don’t know whether plenty will be disappointed the synoptic on Sunday looks pretty darn good to deliver quite widely in our region looks very good convectively.