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  1. Today is 75 years 7th September 1940 since the first day of Blitz a truely traumatic experience may we never forget the innocent lives lost and the souls who helped rebuilt the city after such brutality

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    2. Beverley Lass

      Beverley Lass

      True Daniel, I was talking of the whole war. You did start with the Blitz.

    3. Daniel*


      I never knew Hull got hit so hard... I live in Surrey Quays formerly it was docks and warehouses and marshland it was a key German target there is a brilliant photo capturing bellowing smoke from docks up the road from me is timber pond road you can gather why

    4. Beverley Lass

      Beverley Lass

      Hull, 'the forgotten city' re. the WWII bombings. Referred to at first by contemporary newsreels as a 'northern town'.

      Seems the city isn't featuring in the present week long series of Blitz Cities either.

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