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  1. Hi as a mean that’s pretty good to be fair.
  2. Hope you are right Kentish Snowman, I was just looking at the 18z and our southern friends are becoming quite interested on the runner lows.
  3. Paul White.

    Model output discussion - into 2018

    Lol I’ve been reading this thread since 2004 and what I notice from reading the thread and looking at the charts is the amount of IMBYizm. For all of the new members if most of the weather models are showing the weather coming from the east like they are showing currently it’s hard not to notice the posters from Ireland and the south west and west Pennines dislike it. They dislike it because they know that most easterlies fail to deliver to there back yard. However if the weather is coming from North or North west then those posters become excited, at the same time some south and eastern contingent complain about all of the snow being wasted on the back of sheep on some northern hill. Don’t even get me started on wishbones lol. I disagree about the topic from a earlier post describing the GFS as a “GOLD standard model” IB had three letters that he used a few years ago to describe THAT ECM. Not one model is gold standard however I expect the outcome to be a close blend of UKM and ECMWF models for the next 7 to 10 days and all of the models are showing a Temperature decrease to fall below average for the foreseeable will that bring snow? Yes where ? No idea but I hope that to keep harmony within the forum snow is spread evenly throughout the UK Happy new Year
  4. Hi steve. Does that mean that the ukmo is saying yes to to a shallow Greenland/iceland high and a north easterly setting in over the uk bringing colder temperatures ? Cheers Paul
  5. Paul White.

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Rant time! All this talk of spring next week and looking forwards to early spring warmth blah blah blah, well you can all go and balls. nobody is having spring or summer until i have had my mongooseing winter
  6. It's quite funny looking at the yellows and oranges on the above chart how they can paint a picture of mildsville. Yet on closer impection i would love to live in a country that has above average temperatures of -12. Perfect for roasting those horse chestnuts on xmas day
  7. One of my favourites from a few years ago was the term "displaced bartlett" lol
  8. Hello everyone I was a little curious about how March 2013 got going so I have just had a read through the MoD thread leading up to that period. have a read it's very interesting and quite insightful paul
  9. Paul White.

    Model Output Discussions 18z 31/01/2016

    Well frosty I for one appreciate your positive posting. Such a relief to the endless moaning posts about mild and bartlet's keep it up please
  10. Might be a few wintry showers in this chart if it verifies maybe! ECM 216 hrs could be a bit breezy
  11. Paul White.

    Model output discussion pm 13/01/2016

    Speaking of FAX charts are they scored in the verification stats?
  12. Paul White.

    Model output discussions pm 31/12/15

    I saw this earlier and it just shows how hard it been to get a low cet for the uk. Courtesy bbc news website
  13. Paul White.

    Model output discussions pm 31/12/15

    It's funny as I'm reading this post from Steve there is a heavy thunder hail shower outside. Almost as though the weather is empathising that something is literally stirring outside I've seen SM do this before I've seen him nail it and as he admits he has been let down with a short wave problem that sometimes makes his thoughts go the way of the pear.. But I think that is a brilliant post very informative just hope that he has got this one nailed happy new year everyone paul
  14. I wish there was a thread for cold model output discussion. In the MOD thread it drives me insane reading people's posts about mild mild mild. Where is the skill in predicting mild for the uk? In the new cold model output discussion nobody is allowed to use the M word and certainly not the B word just post charts of cold be FI or reliable. And here is the best bit if cold is not on the horizen the thread should be empty, then we don't need to waste time wading through the endless posts about mild. just a thought.
  15. Since this is now the moaning and ramp thread. And the met office and media thread combined. Can people please stop banging on about what the met office are and ain't buying. This may come as a surprise but I and I'm sure many others come here to read about the model output. With contributions from some fantastic posters. This is not a dig at the met office or their fine posters who post in here. It's just we know what the MO thinks I have the app and I read about it in the thread that is dedicated for that discussion. Thanks for reading this silly rant Paul