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  1. We will be having none of that spring/summer nonsense until we have had our winter, thank you very much ? seriously though March 13 &18 delivered some of the best snowy weather I have ever seen. ????????????
  2. Days eight, nine and ten on the ECM show some potential. The northern hemisphere profile show at least five areas of amplified highs punching into the PV with a super high in Canada. Surly this should help to deliver a pattern change?
  3. The negative comments in here are exhausting and wearing my soul away. THIS IS A “Hunt for Cold” thread please please please I plea to you, if you can’t find any cold then don’t post. I can’t be the only one who doesn’t want read about south westerly winds in here or all of the other guff being written All day today it’s felt like I’ve read about flat pancakes and lack of amplified ridges. Surly all of that can go in the other thread.
  4. You are right I’ve been saying for ages. There is zero skill in forecasting mild weather or SW winds in winter it’s a default setting. it’s easy peasy, this is my prediction Sometime in July this summer it will get above 20 degrees somewhere in the uk. That is a zero skill forecast and I am confident it will verify. If a couple of posters above could just come to the cold hunt thread with some cold hunt posts Well I would be inclined to unblock them and read their posts.
  5. S O W (save our winter) This is an emergency can any of the big hitters find a way to save the “Hunt for cold thread” is there anything in the MJO or the QbO that can lead us to the BnQ for shovels etc please help we need some cold charts fast
  6. Okay dokay see you in December kidda. I’ll wait until mid April looking forwards to what the models show next week a bit of cool/cold zonal then after that who knows?
  7. I see the Meto are still sticking to there guns. I’ve been hearing for days to expect changes in the long range wording. Ironically now I’ve made this post they will change on the lunch time update?
  8. So is the forum supposed to shut down then crew ? I’m sure I’ve read somewhere it’s the Hunt for cold. So lets hunt and find those cold charts, get them posted in here so they can be discussed. You know what I hope this thread continues and people keep showing all of us how a cold spell can develop that is the skill. It’s so easy to post in here with the attitude of I told you so. Because the odds are in favour of a return to climatology regards
  9. You know it’s funny ? I believed that a lot of posters on here were from a glass half full perspective, I’m now wondering if they actually own a glass to fill ? it still looks wintry next week on some of the NWP maybe not as extreme. But it will be colder and I imagine snow will be about and if it was still Xmas dare I say it would be described as “seasonal”
  10. Yeah well I liked the hunt for cold thread. It’s what most weather enthusiasts look for in winter. Now the MOD thread will be taken over by the people with a mild perspective posting charts from 3000 hrs in the future. I only like those charts from that distance if they show cold ? oh well a lot more reading sorry dodging of those posts for me then.
  11. I found this an interesting read in the hunt for cold https://huddsweathermandotcom.wordpress.com/2019/01/05/is-the-cold-coming/
  12. That sounds like a normal uk winter. Just looking at the ecm 120 you can see the PV almost destroyed hardly any of it left over Greenland, http://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/ecmwf.php?ech=72&mode=1&map=1&type=0&archive=0 And then the 144 came out and went a bit flat ?
  13. Maybe you need a less stressful hobby. Because that was a bit of a moan in the wrong thread.
  14. Maybe i need to check my browser. I am pretty sure this is the "Hunt for cold" thread.and not the "I want to air my negative comments about it not snowing in my garden at Christmas thread" I couldn't find the moaning thread link to copy into this post. That maybe the place foe some members to vent out some frustration. And yes I know "The irony" Seasons greetings to all and may all of your winter wished be fulfilled.
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