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  1. I'll politely ask if I may, what are your thoughts on the direction of the Iberian low over the weekend?
  2. Is it me or is the GFS sending the Iberian low back to Europe on Saturday?
  3. Thanks. As opposed to the current situation of sliding down the coast of Portugal, whats to stop the models sending it more-so through Spain and into the western Med? I can't help but think this can't be ruled out.
  4. So I understand what you mean, are you suggesting that the low over Iberia could track somewhat more easterly than is currently being shown?
  5. Excuse the basic nature of the questioning, but is the basic set up for the weekend coming locked in now? We have the low that moves from Biscay all the way down past Madeira between Friday and Sunday, with the Azores high out halfway to Bermuda. I can't help but think theres more to develop in this respect.
  6. That low makes it as far as the Algarve and just stops on Saturday...
  7. Could anyone who is experienced at reading charts give me there interpretation for the Canaries from Saturday 11th onwards? Normal NE'ly winds would be most welcome...don't want any storms disrupting my holiday! Long-range forecast doesn't look good!
  8. Los Gigantes, Tenerife - Currently 22'C with sunshine and patchy cloud, light breeze.
  9. Would somebody better qualified than me give me their assessment of the weather likely in southern Lanzarote last week in August?
  10. Indeed. It is currently clear and sunny, 22.9'C, with a breeze of 7 kmph. Absolutely fantastic down there at this time of year.
  11. Good post. In order to get those shade temperatures in winter you have to be at those latitudes though right?
  12. So it seems a study has been done which finds the Canaries are about as good as it gets? I'm not surprised. Although even in the Canaries the weather can vary. Northern Tenerife as you say is cloudier, cooler and wetter than the south and Lanzarote is sunny but extremely dry and windy. So Santa Cruz de Tenerife (northeast but sunny side of the mountain) or Las Palmas de Gran Canaria have the most pleasant climates of any city in the world due to slightly more precipitation than southern Tenerife or Lanzarote/Fuerteventura. In Santa Cruz or Las Palmas January/February are their coldest months b
  13. 25'C and sunny today in Los Cristianos, southern Tenerife, Canary Islands. Open and subjective question, does this place have the best/most pleasant all round climate in the world? Also, only very rarely does the temperature in southern Tenerife fall below 15'C at any time of year day or night. What is the lowest possible temperature you could have here in feasible weather conditions at this latitude and bearing in mind it has a huge mountain shielding it to the north.
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