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  1. Looks like we can all join in and try and name storms accross the UK this Autumn & Winter. Get thinking of names :)http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-34181468

    1. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      crap! crap! trash I need to control my language rubbish! not my sort of weather at all

    2. Daniel*


      I suggest Boris

  2. Looking forward to the RIAT airshow on Saturday, always one of my highlights of the year! Anyone else going?

    1. TomW


      going on sunday can't wait its always good every year and the weather should be dry as well

    2. Winter Cold

      Winter Cold

      yes the weather looks like playing ball this year. Sunny spells at about 20c is just about perfect. Not too hot but should enable full displays!

    3. AWD


      Going on Sunday.

  3. Just got back from a 4 night break in a cabin in Sherwood forest and very nice it was too! :) Hoping for a good thunderstorm tonight to finish the week off!

  4. Substantial El Nino underway for first time in 5 years. According to BBC science page anyway!

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    2. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      I'm sure winter 2010/11 was a La Nina winter (which I heard can encourage early cold), 09/10 was El Nino though

    3. Daniel*


      the media have gone for an increased risk of a colder winter

    4. Winter Cold

      Winter Cold

      Yes that seems to be the main line they are taking doesnt it. Definately a lot of interest in it anyway. Netweathers just done a blogg on it and so has Paul Hudson lol! We await winter with much interest... :)

  5. Glad its world championship snooker time again! I doubly enjoy it as a Sheffielder too, going down to a few sessions myself :)

    1. NUT


      Yes I admit I love this time of year with the snooker :) Great to see the weather seems to be playing ball too (although they don't do outdoor snooker) ;)

    2. Mapantz


      Love my Snooker! Loving the weather too.

  6. I darent tell my parents its looking very poor for the Costa Del Sol this week lol! They fly out tomorrow.

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    2. Nick L

      Nick L

      Yeah that's a strange time of year to go!

    3. Winter Cold

      Winter Cold

      sometimes they have been lucky, this time not! Looks very wet and showery on the BBC forecasts anyway!

    4. Mokidugway


      Canary Islands are a better bet ..

  7. Ugh, horrible SW winds and mild for my birthday today. Where is the bitter easterly i asked for lol :( roll on October!!

    1. simshady


      I agree. Happy birthday!

    2. Daniel*


      happy belated birthday :)

    3. karyo


      Happy birthday! Better luck next year hopefully.

  8. FINALLY just caught Rob McElwee on Al Jazeera! What a legend he is. Happy now :D

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    2. Daniel*
    3. Winter Cold

      Winter Cold

      He got laid off from BBC with the cuts chubbyfan. A lot of the 'older' guys went.

    4. chubbyfan
  9. Are we beginning to see emerging signals of a cold start to Spring?? I hope so!

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    2. karyo
    3. Costa Del Fal

      Costa Del Fal

      Not long until your time is over. You know I'm up for some cold and snow but looking forward to those long, sunny evenings with a bbq in the beach. Nothing better.

    4. Summer Sun
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