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  1. What are the peak times for South East (near Croydon), thought 12-3 but not sure, having some real gusts here.
  2. Nick, when you say speeds have been moderated slightly, is there any chance/hope that the winds could moderate on the journey of is it pretty much a done deal that we will get at least the speeds quoted ? Thanks
  3. Actually getting a bit worried, have to travel 20 miles Sunday afternoon to take granddaughter to a show she is in, they apparently won't be cancelling, I seem to be the only one worrying about it, perhaps a little knowledge is a bad thing.
  4. Very confused here, we are travelling from Croydon to Norwich on Friday morning and then from Norwich to Stanstead Saturday morning for a flight. Does anybody have any idea whether we could get anything to disrupt travel plans. Thanks
  5. Know the details aren't nailed on yet but I am travelling from Croydon to Norfolk on Friday and then from Norfolk to Stanstead for a flight on Saturday morning. Getting very worried seeing that we may have disruptive snow.How soon can we be pretty much sure what the weather will be like at that stage?. Looking at the MOD thread I am starting to think we should re-look at arrangements, be prepared that we are not going to get there. Any thoughts? thanks
  6. Miles to early to ask probably but we are flying out from Stanstead on the 2nd after driving up to Norfolk from Croydon on the 1st, would love to see a bit of winter weather but with reports of snowmaggedon and the country grinding to a halt for weeks, are we talking the sort of conditions that would prevent the airports from operating normally. As I say I know a while out but unsure whether to put the flip flops I have just packed back in the wardrobe.
  7. Can anyone give me a rough idea of what the models are predicting for this coming Saturday, my daughter is getting married in Newmarket and so far haven't seen 2 forecasts that even agree with each other.
  8. A bit confused here, couple of hours ago winter was over, is it back again already?
  9. Have to say I am a lurker in here but you guys have kept me very amused through this never ending winter, whether you are talking about the weather or not you are a great bunch and very entertaining
  10. Was feeling a bit more hopeful seeing a few comments re a warm up but now a bit downhearted at seeing possible cold/snow for Easter - we have family coming for granddaughters birthday and father in laws 80th Easter Sunday, have already had to cancel family get together a couple of weeks ago, wondering how soon I should leave before doing so again if people are travelling, don't want to leave till last minute. I appreciate some people love this weather but have had more than enough here.
  11. Very confused here, weather for our area showing 12 degrees right through till next weekend here, but then come here and now touting further beast and as cold again, what on earth do you believe. Do I cancel long planned family event for next weekend ?
  12. Are blizzards still a major issue for later in the week and if so where are they going to affect?
  13. Beeb London forecast just said 8/10 degrees by Sat/Sunday, is that likely, seems to go against everything I have read.
  14. Sorry, a bit dim here - BBC forecast and Met office forecast seem to say different things - which forecast shortly take more notice of hearing in mind the BBC's provider? Thanks
  15. At what stage should we be letting friends/family know about this upcoming cold spell, we have elderly parents and a very poorly baby in the family who is in special care 30 miles from home and being visited daily, if this comes off surely transport will be hindered, don't want to worry people unnecessarily but .....
  16. Genuine question here (forgive me a total novice) how do the hpa temperatures translate into what we would see on the ground temperature wise Thanks
  17. Must be one if the few people getting panicked by the amounts of snow currently being suggested on the MOD thread - with elderly relatives who would be housebound and a very premature baby in the family who is a 30 mile round trip in hospital away from home this this snowmagedon would be a total nightmare.
  18. Hope ok to post this in this thread. I am one of the few people on NW who doesn't like snow, mainly due to illness and elderly parents who become housebound when there is snowy /icy weather. Although this period of weather is incredibly interesting I am finding the forecast of significant snow quite worrying - obviously it is very difficult to forecast even when/ if this cold spell will be as cold as thought but at what stage would snowfall he described as significant ?- not to be a party pooper, realise that most here like the cold/snow but it does have it's disadvantages to certain people.
  19. Constant colds, miserable skies and freezing drizzle - just looking forward to Spring now.
  20. TThanks Steve, very informative and helpful, looks as if Wednesday's plans can go ahead.
  21. Can anybody throw any light on any possible snow on Wednesday - trip out arranged which will have to be cancelled if there are any travel issues in our corner.
  22. Just find the mod thread so confusing - same people ramping lorry loads of snow and people following what they say as gospel, with those same people vanishing as soon as the outlook changes to less cold conditions. Rea!ly not easy for anybody new or less knowledgeable to understand particularly as anybody who has an alternative view to deep cold usually gets accused of trolling or told they don't know what they are talking about. Mod thread gets far too emotional which is not helpful for those of us trying to learn which is a shame and very off putting.
  23. All the BBC/MET Office forecasts I have seen are saying a lot milder from Sunday up to Wednesday but MOD forum seems to be saying the reverse - very confused. On a personal note 80 year old father in laws boiler has packed up British Gas next Tuesday - trying to get sorted but bit worrying if I gets any colder.
  24. I do feel for you Iceni - my mother is in hospital with pneumonia and heart failure 130 miles away from me here - we are up and down the motorway and the thought of snow is filling me with dread, luckily the small amount we had this morning didn't stop us getting there but reading about people getting depressed because there is not deep snow is probably not the best thing at the moment and I am trying to not look at the forums just the travel news. My thoughts are with you - it is a tough time.
  25. I live in the Croydon area and we have had gritters out every night for the last couple of weeks.
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