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    well i am and have been a groundsmen of a large private garden on the south coast since 1998 and love my work, its a beautiful part of the world is cornwall to live and work....... apart from when times are mild and wet.
    I also work evenings at the hall for cornwall as a bar man.
    well i am well into my sea fishing, ultra &a road running , cycling and exploring.nothing better than finding a well out of the way location to relaxe and soak up the warm sunshine, and a bit of fishing from the kayak, beautiful times in the summer months.
    do love my football, Arsenal fan but also like to suport my local plymouth argyle.
    Its been a long time since my last holiday but i do love to get away and love the red sea for all its marine life, also have a marine fish tank with a little reef of my very own.
    I have to say as for the weather living in cornwall can have its ups and downs being a fan of snow and hot weather but you cant beat seeing snow in cornwall as to be honest it does not haven very often. But it is worth it when it does, just a bit of a shame that the last time we seen a proper snow fall here was 1986, i may have only been 6 but i defo remember it..... happy days.
    i do think when it comes to the summer cornwall is the best place to be and is a better chance of seeing hot weather than the cold, and we have a beautifull sea to jump in!.
    well thats it for now ....could bore you all with more but i think that will do.
    But if you would like to know more please message me.
    take care everyone and thanks for reading my profile.
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  1. Still the main action looks like happening up on Dartmoor tonight, radar looking good for it!
  2. Isn’t it just. It’s all about that radar and of course that lamppost for waiting for them grains of snow to fall. 😂 Fingers crossed guys!
  3. I have the same concerns as most here and in full agreement that if it’s snow you want then head to The Moors! Otherwise it’s a waiting game but still great to see a possibility of snow for our area so early in Winter.
  4. You could be right, I guess not the easiest to plot are the tracks of such storms.
  5. Thunder and lightning here in Truro. Took me by surprise, wasn't expecting that
  6. At 138 we see the scandi high drifting further north and not sinking into Eastern Europe. A positive for me.
  7. Should Be a good thing this at 138. if that low just off the coast of Cornwall dives into northern France then southern Germany it should prop up the scani high. Hopefully giving us a better draw of cold air .
  8. Indeed, I have a 100mile ultra marathon that takes in the Cornish coast path to run on the 10th - 11th of next week starting in coverack and loops lands with a finish in Porthtowen. Looking cold and snowy !
  9. The UK jet stream! Certainly looking like the Atlantic it losing the fight here. Amazing charts .
  10. GFS could be headed toward the ECM of hinting a scandi ridge at 138. Certainly a step in the right direction.
  11. Not a full on Atlantic here, yet another GFS run that suggests possible high pressure to our north and west with a stonking high pressure system setting up to our east could be be seeing signs of change already ...... let's see the low pressure dive deeper south and east.
  12. Dartmoor still holding on to some of the white stuff I see! Hang on in there lol
  13. As does the ECM at 144. That's where we want to see the hights head too and see the lows slip south and east deep in to Europe and hopefully propping up the high.
  14. @Nick F thank you for your response. I agree with you re SSW but in my mind was thinking if we see such an event come the beginning of the month we could then see greater hights opened up to our north, provided it does work in our favour . thats where I'm looking right now and with the jet stream trying to dig further south it's a far better direction than full on Atlantic attack. also keeps things more interesting. happy trend searching!
  15. Also not seeing quite so much of the PV over Greenland is a great sign. Small wedges can open up a greater hole. so hopefully we see more energy diving further south on every run and hope that night pressure over Russia gets sucked in more to our N/E