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    well i am and have been a groundsmen of a large private garden on the south coast since 1998 and love my work, its a beautiful part of the world is cornwall to live and work....... apart from when times are mild and wet.
    I also work evenings at the hall for cornwall as a bar man.
    well i am well into my sea fishing, ultra &a road running , cycling and exploring.nothing better than finding a well out of the way location to relaxe and soak up the warm sunshine, and a bit of fishing from the kayak, beautiful times in the summer months.
    do love my football, Arsenal fan but also like to suport my local plymouth argyle.
    Its been a long time since my last holiday but i do love to get away and love the red sea for all its marine life, also have a marine fish tank with a little reef of my very own.
    I have to say as for the weather living in cornwall can have its ups and downs being a fan of snow and hot weather but you cant beat seeing snow in cornwall as to be honest it does not haven very often. But it is worth it when it does, just a bit of a shame that the last time we seen a proper snow fall here was 1986, i may have only been 6 but i defo remember it..... happy days.
    i do think when it comes to the summer cornwall is the best place to be and is a better chance of seeing hot weather than the cold, and we have a beautifull sea to jump in!.
    well thats it for now ....could bore you all with more but i think that will do.
    But if you would like to know more please message me.
    take care everyone and thanks for reading my profile.
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  1. Great to see some of tye white stuff being reported in our area more so over the moors and high ground of the south west. Had some amazing Hail showers today down here in Falmouth but nothing sticking. Have a great weekend guys
  2. still snowing here, looking forward to my commute to work. Needs must
  3. Beautiful, a full on blizzard out there now, Large snow flakes blowing in a stiff wind. Certainly going to enjoy my ride into work tomorrow morning. Night all
  4. It’s snowing mate, has been for the last hour.
  5. Awesome, a thing of beauty. Thanks mate..... looks like I’m gonna be up for a while now
  6. Back in business down here in Truro. Snowing once again
  7. It’s creeping it’s way very slowly in our direction of west cornwall one would love to be in camelford right now..... it’s still getting a right hammering!
  8. I think the forecast was written a few hours ago. Correct me if I’m wrong?
  9. It’s coming down thick n fast with the flakes increasing in size.
  10. Getting heavier as I type with the breeze freshening. Can’t see the top of the city for it.
  11. Only just started, small flakes blowing in the breeze