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  1. I don’t understand any of the science yet but the sky looks full of it and that’s good enough for me!!! Bring it on
  2. The met office app is saying rain for later although the precipitation falling now is snow, do you think we could get lucky later???
  3. I’d love to here from that weather Blizzard bloke from the MAD thread who said earlier in the week that it was game over for the south.....
  4. Hi all, bit concerned as to why the heavy snow symbols have been removed for Poole tomorrow and now just light snow..although heavy snow showers are now expected today according to the app... changes every 5 minutes! Are we still likely to get the heavy stuff tomorrow?
  5. Snowing (wet) in poole. If the front does pivot round is it likely to turn increasing more to snow throughout the morning or am I just hoping?
  6. Hi all, Andy in Poole here. Haven’t posted in a few years. I’m a geography teacher but a complete novice when it comes to understanding the “Snowology” jus wondering what our chances are of seeing any of the white stuff potentially tonight into tomorrow. Haven’t read much about that potential low pressure system coming from France in a while and the meto app has hardly any precipitation forecast at all. Thanks, Andy
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