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  1. My sister phoned me (she lives in Cheltenham) and they;ve had 32mm in almost as many minutes. No thunder though.
  2. Dont know but certainly headed in this direction, not sure they will keep going though?
  3. Yes, am seeing the flashes from that here, also seems to be another one out Swindon way which I can hear the thunder/see the flashes too
  4. This corner of Glos hasnt, two years starved!!! Looking at the way the Cu built today, they started exactly the same place as yesterday, wind direction pretty much the same South of here completely blue, not a cloud in the sky. We're just the breeding ground for storms now, I hope I'm wrong, fingers crossed
  5. Is today our chance of some storms, watched from a distance for two nights in a row now some lovely storms, especially last night, where I could watch 3 storms firing away. Beeb suggest it will be a South West affair so fingers crossed.
  6. Pic of the Oxford Cell just 10 mins ago before the sun went down, there were 2 more cells that were building at a rapid rate to the West of it but once the sun went down I couldnt see them anymore.
  7. Yes, can see it clearly from here, looks very good and still building
  8. Cloud cover here for the last couple of hours, looks like heavy rain upwind, felt a gust front pass but no rain as of yet.
  9. Interesting day so far, misty at 6am when I started work, could see once it cleared there were quite a few very large/high Cu type clouds to the West, these have slowly grown into sheets and are passing overhead now, could see rainfall from several areas of this cloud mass. Certainly not a stable airmass currently.
  10. Yes, thunder here the same, just one so far. Found 23mm of rain in the gauge, was away up the Fosseway this morning and dry all day.
  11. Had sun all morning here, cu popping for a couple of hours now, 27C bit of a breeze, guess another day of breeding storms for those further North.
  12. Well, I've got Cu starting to appear here and haze caps so shows its convecting.
  13. Nothing here, overcast, saw a cell move down from Swindon way, missed us completely here. Spoke to my sister in Cheltenham and her patio is 4" underwater, seems theyve had a couple of decent storms down that way
  14. Yup, sun's been out since 6 here, hopefully break my "no storms club" membership today
  15. Snap, very frustrating indeed, one passed to the North and one to the South, the Southern one was constant thunder with plenty of visible strikes, the thunder bore no relation to the Lightning App map. Dry as a bone here, crops need water asap.
  16. A few heavy showers here, started around 11am, almost fully overcast, the odd gap, not sure what'll become of it
  17. I can always let you know when it kicks off!! lol Hard one to know
  18. Cu been bubbling up here since 10, no overdevelopment. At least if you get to Gloucester you can zoom up the M5/6 or cut across the A419 towards the M4
  19. Certainly thunder heard from the cell that has just passed NE of here, I was walking the dogs in sunshine whilst doing a rain dance to no avail
  20. Quite a few flashes and as above very long rolling thunder (at circa 5.30) but seems to have died down now, just heavy rain.
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