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  1. Clouding over as the sky darkens......there was alot of altocumulus a while ago..
  2. Had a flash of lightning this morning - followed by a terrifying boom. Some moderately heavy rain falling at the moment.
  3. Raining like there's no tomorrow here! A few flashes of lightning too, can hear the thunder.
  4. The Reading Wind Shield must've been activated today, not a leaf moving O_o Apart from the odd gust or so, that is.
  5. I hope this won't be a huge farce because then I would've wasted my whole weekend waiting for some fish to enjoy high winds ._.
  6. Thanks guys, I'll try and make sure I keep safe by sleeping downstairs, and I guess if those huge trees fall down they'll fall down on the car which keeps on coming back "for sale" every 2 days That'll teach the dude a lesson for trying to sell cars on public grass!
  7. Any chance of Berkshire being heavily affected by the storm? I live by some very tall trees , and I don't want to be squashed in my sleep! :O
  8. There's giant tall trees in my garden, at least 2.7 times taller than the house. I just hope for me and my neighbour's sake they don't fall down - they look quite weak and narrow. If not, we'll still have to clear up all the pine needles, lol.
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