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  1. Looks like the streamer is moving south, others should get into the action!
  2. Snow is lying here so must be some decent accumulations at modest elevations!
  3. Heavy snow and trying to lie in ballymoney
  4. Dusting here too, snow scraper used for the first time this year!
  5. Looking good, what can possibly go wrong
  6. It’s looking good for a lot of you on Tuesday, not so good for me though
  7. Uk, can you get a NI specific mid range forecast?
  8. That’s not the same as the update I’m seeing: Thursday and Friday will see a very cold north to north-easterly airstream bringing sunshine and showers, the showers giving rain or snow and most frequent in the north and northeast. It looks breezy on Thursday perhaps with coastal gales in the south and east, although winds should ease on Friday. Widespread locally severe night frosts are also likely. Later on Friday, rain preceded by snow may arrive in the far west and northwest, accompanied by strengthening winds. During the weekend and following week a lot of fine weather is expected with the chance of some wintry showers. Staying cold or very cold, with widespread frost. However, some wet and windy weather is likely in the northwest, which may briefly spread further southeast giving some snow on encountering the colder air.
  9. So are we more positive about cold next week again?
  10. I suppose there’s been enough heated debate in here today without us talking about Brexit! Lol
  11. To be honest I don’t notice a drastic change in update, and for a lot of us in the north and west easterlies only means cold and dry
  12. Not sure why so depressed on here, surely the cold spell wasn’t due to hit properly until next week. Looking at the ECM tonight it’s looking good for a decent cold spell from the 22nd!
  13. Surely Parrot living in Derry northwesterlies are the most likely to give you snow. Hopefully we’ll get our cold spell soon, and at the best time of the year for snow!
  14. Yes Merry Christmas to all my weather/snow geek friends
  15. Sounds like it’s time to venture back into the model thread again
  16. I’ve managed to avoid the model thread this winter and I feel so much better for it... no mad mood swings from elation to inevitable disappointment. So far I seem to have missed 2 severe let downs. Keep up the good work guys and I’ll continue getting my info from in here, far better!
  17. I’m surprised no weather warning for rain today, it’s been heavy all day and roads are flooded!
  18. A sight I’ve never seen before in this country, a local potato farmer is filling slurry spreaders with water to irrigate his fields. He’s been at it constantly for the ast 3 days. I’d say some local farmers r starting to worry about the drought!
  19. lovely here today, heres hoping for a lot more
  20. But Neiller that’s the point we would’ve loved it but we’re sitting freezing our boxxxcks off and it’s still mostly green outside and we’ll have to hear about Feb/March 2018 snow storm for the next 50 years.
  21. Ok totally fed up with this cold weather, it’s spring for goodness sake!!! Lambing in only a couple of weeks!