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  1. Great cold outlook at the moment. Long may it continue. Hopefully go straight from Winter to Winter.......I can dream
  2. Will this summer be similar to the poor ones of the 1980s? Hopefully......
  3. Lovely snow event and the most snow I have seen since 2010. Didn't get any in 2013 and not much from the original easterly but this has been great. If only it would last longer.
  4. North west regional discussion

    Nice covering here and still snowing.
  5. North west regional discussion

    Just had a nice snow shower. Not sticking yet.
  6. Ah, what the hell........... 2.5c and 82mm please.
  7. Heavy snow, not sticking. Lovely though.
  8. Even though I've had very little snow I'm still pretty happy. It's been much better than the last 4 years already, It's only early December, It's cold at the moment, not mild and wet. Hopefully more like this to come over the next few months.