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  1. Thank god that heat has gone. Hopefully for the rest of the season!
  2. Excellent. Turned the corner.
  3. Yes, love drizzle and any kind of rain really.
  4. Going to nudge it up a little.....15.4c please.
  5. 15c please
  6. Certainly enjoying the cooler temps at the moment. Nothing above 17c for the past couple of weeks and a bit of a chilly wind.
  7. Massive hailstorm here, lightning and thunder.....
  8. Dull here this morning but becoming a little brighter later. Temps around 8-10 for the next few days. May feel a little cooler if the wind gets up.
  9. It'll be lovely to have a bit of frost and cool air next week. Hardly saw any over winter. The cooler the better tbh. Cold hating nancies can wait a bit longer lol.
  10. 11c please
  11. I'd love for these cold, snowy charts to come to fruition, but I've a feeling they won't.
  12. 9.6c please.