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  1. Massive hailstorm here, lightning and thunder.....
  2. Dull here this morning but becoming a little brighter later. Temps around 8-10 for the next few days. May feel a little cooler if the wind gets up.
  3. It'll be lovely to have a bit of frost and cool air next week. Hardly saw any over winter. The cooler the better tbh. Cold hating nancies can wait a bit longer lol.
  4. 11c please
  5. I'd love for these cold, snowy charts to come to fruition, but I've a feeling they won't.
  6. 9.6c please.
  7. Huge snowflakes in South Manchester.
  8. I'd like to amend my guess to 3.7c please.
  9. At last! Heavy snow.
  10. Nope. Not a sausage!
  11. Nothing here in South Manchester.