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  1. Heavy snow, not sticking. Lovely though.
  2. Even though I've had very little snow I'm still pretty happy. It's been much better than the last 4 years already, It's only early December, It's cold at the moment, not mild and wet. Hopefully more like this to come over the next few months.
  3. Not been in there for about 15 years lol.
  4. From amber warnings yesterday to no snow forecast now for tomorrow
  5. Snowing, but onto a wet pavement.
  6. Been waiting all day for the 'heavy snow showers' that have been forcast on the met office app and are still being forcast now......not a sausage :(. Not holding out much hope for tomorrow either.
  7. Just taken the dogs for a walk in heavy snow. Lovely morning out there.
  8. Had a shower an hour ago, has settled. Hopefully more to come,
  9. Woke to snow on the grass with wet snow falling. Makes a change from the last few years.
  10. Heavy sleet and a crash of thunder.....Thundersleet!!
  11. Yep. Met Office has my area down for an hours light snow in the morning, dry on Saturday then light snow most of Sunday. Will change though, for better or worse!