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  1. My temp scale 15 c or below - nice 15 - 20 c - getting a bit warm 20 c or above - no.
  2. Lovely snow showers all morning , heavy to light and back to heavy, wet snow on the ground. Nice.
  3. Really looking forward to autumn and winter. Hope they're both nice and cold.
  4. And killing them in a pretty horrendous way. Nice. Try and have a bit more humanity at least. Spiders are useful.
  5. Fantastic summer weather for me so far with not many days above 20c. Plenty of rain too. Lovely.
  6. Lovely waking up to a 'chill' this morning. It felt really fresh.
  7. Was very wet in the Peak district today, thank god for pubs!
  8. Off to Kinder Scout today. Think it's going to be a wet one!
  9. Yeah, it's weird. In autumn/winter i feel more energetic and my mood also picks up.
  10. Love autumn and winter threads. Here's to a cool, frosty, foggy autumn! Not long now ?
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