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  1. Has anywhere in the country been buried yet? Or had 5cm even? I was just looking at the photos in my Album from 22/23 March 2013, now that was an event and almost a month later than this 'Beastly Attack' The farmers had to dig the roads out and a couple of miles away on the back roads towards Holmfirth it was like driving through tunnels 2 and 3 times highrer than the car. This event isn't really worth the noise its getting, but i suppose the South is forecast a covering so the sensationalism goes wild.
  2. So the 'Beast' turns up sporting a pink hoody, skinny jeans and pristinely groomed facial hair. So far the beast is a bit of a snowflake. Its been snowing in some form non stop since yesterday afternoon and still theres only a good covering. I've never seen so many different types of snow, last night was constant sparkling talcum powder. The Beast is coming.....Be afraid they said. I've got 40 gallons of milk in the back yard, i thought it would be frozen day and night but the suns turning it to cottage cheese.
  3. Yep, especially when we've seen in previous winters how quickly the signal can change. The thing that worries me at the moment is the lack of cold across most of Europe, the UK has been recording lower temps than much of the continent. I'll be happier when widespread cold arrives in Europe and we'll see what happens from there, its not just our little island thats missing out. We're still in December, theres plenty of time left yet and like you say, its a brave man who can write off the next 3months.
  4. That sounds about right then for 1st signs around the 6th, i remember being back at work the 2nd week in Jan and confidence grew quickly, then we had the 1st taste of a few inches of snow on the 19th and a big dumping on the 21st and a spell of about 10days with frequent snow showers. I recall the turnaround being sudden, it was a quick change from nothing like now to a good cold spell with nice snow amounts. I remember METO's 16-30 day outlook for the time stating their usual carefully worded play it safe 'uncertainty for the period, with the trend for temps to be around or slightly below ave
  5. Last year i came home on the 4th Jan from our annual New Years week in Prague and the first thing i did was check the mod thread to find that the outlook was no different to when i left regarding cold. Last New Year was the first i've spent in Prague without deep cold or snow, it was overcast with temps between -1 and 5C and this year is going to be pretty much the same. I think we were well into the 2nd week of Jan before signs of cold started showing and i remember the mood in the mod thread being similar to now with many feeling anxious at being half way into winter without any sign of seas
  6. A very Happy Christmas to all you awesome weather geeks and a big thankyou to the fantastic Netweather site and all the members input for helping noobs like me understand (sort of) and educate ourselves. Santa got me a new weather station so i'm now retreating to the shed to play with it
  7. Really SI? Did you not get anything from 19th Jan, 20-21st Jan and 22-23rd March 2013 over your way?
  8. We've had 2 rain to snow showers, 1 quite heavy but it didn't last long, lowest temp --1.9C The worst thing is its not been really cold but its not been mild (excuse my language) enough to make do without the heating on.
  9. Theres a lurker in the shadows of the Mod thread liking any post containing zonal, mild, winters over type curse words. 10 points to anyone who can guess who it is. Its chilly out there so keep your Extra Large Teapot full and a very Merry Christmas Pudding to you all.
  10. This is the model output discussion thread, the current set-up has already been discussed if you want to go back and have a read. I'm sure many of the members posting in here are also posting in the regionals etc regarding the current storms.
  11. I agree Gaz, very true, just a shame the UK as a whole doesn't get the favoured set-ups more frequently. I suppose my impressive could be another mans average or mediocre, i spent the first 26yrs of my life in Lincoln which is not the greatest location for snow and seems to have a 6" snow cap in place (although Dec 2010 was epic, better than here) Then i spent 5yrs on the south coast moving between Brighton and Eastbourne, i saw a few snow showers and a slight covering once so its a different world up here. On a few occasions i've left Barnsley/Sheffield in the rain for it to turn to snow a c
  12. Maybe IB melted in the furnace like zonal flow, also Steve Murr posting 2 days on the bounce is a good sign.
  13. This is my 10th winter in Penistone and i can honestly say that i've seen more snow showers in November and even October than i've seen in December. Temps tend to be a degree or two lower than Sheffield, Barnsley etc but no real what i would call winter weather, but when it does come it can be impressive,
  14. Cant really argue with that bud, i've lived through 39 Decembers and from the ones i remember they usually feel like autumn. Theres the months that crossover like March for example which is a mix of winter and spring or winter or spring orientated but the Decembers i've experienced have mostly been autumnal, i wish they were more winter like then we would stand a chance of snowfall and accumilations at Xmas but we all know that is as rare as rocking horse poop in the UK. Can anyone say that Decembers feel like winter? Everyone obviously knows that December is placed in the winter box but my i
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