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  1. I’m not far from castlederg and can confirm nothing really started settling until about 7am with me.
  2. Well looked at the radar and been under the pink blob since 4.30 expected it to be white outside......nope!!!
  3. Really don’t think it’s going to make it too far north. not holding out much hope for the west on Saturday either!
  4. With regards to tomorrow and on through the weekend, It’s a shame that you only ever get downgrades re snow at this stage the forecasts never make mistakes resulting in upgrades. Why is it they always forecast colder and snowier than it always ends up? although in fairness the met office never at any stage forecasted much for here this weekend.
  5. Best enjoy the lovely dry crisp next couple of days as it looks like normal service resumed from Saturday for the foreseeable then.!
  6. Any thoughts that the forecast might move the front further north again before Thursday? or could it get moved further south again?. Or is it likely that it’s pretty accurate at this stage?
  7. I’m just still trying to convince myself to be content that cold and dry is better than warm and wet!
  8. Im with you on this one. The jealousy might just send me mad!! I can feel it creeping up on me each time I look in on here!!
  9. I’m not a great fan of “scattered showers” “some wintry in nature”.
  10. I’m moving! Maybe not as far as the Netherlands. Looks like just to the east Will do!
  11. Have to say looking at the met office forecast generally for both here and over the water it doesn’t match the warning?
  12. At last a decent snow shower. Big fluffy flakes. Not settling but just to see it is good!
  13. Goes to show how rare it is to get the right set up for meaningful snow here. Every year recently has been the same. Chasing future events only for them not to happen! Sorry to sound doom and gloom. Might just stick to watching the bbc news weather from now on and take each day as it comes.
  14. How come the forecasters never get it wrong when they’re forecasting no snow and regularly get it wrong when they do forecast snow. we never seem to get snowy surprises any more!
  15. Looks like same places as last week across the water will get the snow this week too.
  16. Nothing very exciting happening looking ahead this morning. Outlook..... cool and a bit meh!
  17. I’m wondering will we be too far west and miss out again?!
  18. Not too sure why the gritters are out... the temp is currently 3 and according to met office to get warmer overnight!
  19. Not much precipitation and what there is looks like rain.
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