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  1. It’s a sad sign of winter when you get excited to see the forecast of a frosty day!! Not much sign of any cold this winter let alone any of the white stuff!!!
  2. Tbh looks like possibly a few hours of wintry showers followed by a few days of rain.... bring on the spring!
  3. Depends on whether we’re going to get meaningful settling white stuff or cold mushiness!! seems undecided still yet...
  4. Just looking at the warnings for tomorrow. Have to travel Strabane, Derry direction. Good to know as long as I don’t venture over the border I’ll be safe! Met Eireann have an amber warning for Donegal but met office only have a yellow warning for NI so as long as I don’t venture into Lifford I should be ok!!
  5. Rest assured regardless of the pink on the radar, it’s not snowing
  6. Why is it so quiet in here.? i thought everyone would be buzzing about the possibility of snow tonight.... If you head up to the highest peak of the Sperrins between midnight and one in the morning you MIGHT catch a glimpse of a snowflake!...., and I thought winter was over!
  7. There is another blob following on behind to be fair, but not much after that
  8. In fairness it does say snow showers mainly affecting Scotland..... not much mention on NI anywhere in the details.
  9. I truly admire you’re optimism and hope If we all take a really deep breath at the same time maybe just maybe we can get it to come a teeny bit further north for you!!
  10. Maybe slightly wishful thinking... especially as to go against ALL other forecasts!! But I’ll cross my fingers too!!! anyway we did well last night so won’t complain.
  11. Starting to wonder if that blob out west will even make it this far.!
  12. Talk about snow to the North and Snow to the South... the gaps getting smaller but I’m still in the “no snow zone”
  13. It’s like there’s an empty corridor through the middle! showers to the north, showers to the south and empty in the middle... how does that happen?!
  14. Well let’s hope the meto are right about tonight. They got today right after all
  15. Well I guess the met office called it right then... for my location anyway
  16. Well I guess at least they’ve acknowledged it might get cold enough for ice.
  17. Mmmm trouble is met ie forecast isn’t that promising either. wintry showers at best here I think and with sunshine between, I doubt there will be lying snow.
  18. Is it not due to bucket down with snow on Thursday in the East.
  19. Maybe over here in the West it’s marginal as to whether or not cold enough to snow at lower levels? Been like that in past. The temp never quite gets as low as it should. anyone have friends in the road service? they usually know what’s going on!
  20. Was wondering the same myself. i guess the met office are going for just non disruptive cold mush here or else they don’t care cos London might see snow?!
  21. Just like to say for the record despite the pinks on the radar it is not snowing in Strabane.. it’s raining
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