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  1. I always look at the charts and see how the rain that enters through the NW over wigan and liverpool go as far as runcorn... maybe up to crewe and then stops and when the rain comes from any other direction is like there is a blocking just on this area of merseyside then when charts (GFS 0.5° HR) show snow around this area, it never gets to penetrate to this channel, looks like if there is some sor of blockeage on top of me! LOL http://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/gfs/royaume-uni/precipitations/102h.htm http://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/gfs/royaume-uni/precipitations/78h.htm http://www.me
  2. Hi there!! I know it might be off topic but... could you explain why?? would be good for us newbies
  3. Hi all! Nice models after the 5th of jan for cold but I am very new with this charts so I would like to ask... what model predicted or got closer (long range or mid range) the cold event that we had on boxing day??? I would like to see if it can do the same over the next 2nd half of january. which would you guys say is the best models to watch out? I always look GFS and EcM together with UKMO but Id like to know your opinion for these cold events, models tend to exagerate or under-rate certain patterns and I dont think there is just one that does the good work but would be good to kno
  4. I have Ghost rain here in St helens... the radar show green just on top of my postcode and no one drop is falling!
  5. yeah this is why weather forecaster is a degree and career of many years XD
  6. Guys I dont know where are you seen all of that stuff... when I look at the GFS and the ECM I always can see amazing stuff after +96hr and then deeply in FI and it never happens.... we seem to be chasing a ghost that will never come How reliable are the models passed +72hrs?? it doesnt seen to be working very well (for last week, all models were giving snow in the liverpool - Manchester area and we had nothing at all...)
  7. Nice explanation Tamara, so basically... after next weekend get the barbecue out and the sun-cream :)
  8. https://forum.netweather.tv/gallery/image/19115-gfs-2-150/ Lovely that for Liverpool/Runcorn área if that would it really come around What a shame that is so far on FI I would enjoy that XD
  9. jesusfernandez

    Gfs 2 150

    From the album: charts

    sunday rain
  10. indeed over here we have completely static trees... no wind at all, it doesnt feel like there is anything going on... Im in runcorn although Im looking at NE from my window so I wont see it coming.
  11. looking all of those mph gusts and I am in runcorn and it seems like there isnt anything that could indicate all of that to come... Does anyone know how will the situation be tomorrow around 8 in the morning between runcorn and warrington?? (M62)
  12. you can use sat24.com or the netwheather rain radar to know where is the action and the lightning rada
  13. uff... quite scary no? XD loving that ECM.. its a non stop
  14. Hi there guys... I am reading comments and I am thinking... looks like the armageddon is been predicted! what is it exactly what you can see that will be so extreme and special? I though that anything over +72hr is no enough accurate to make any predictions (FI) Sorry if you may cover your eyes when reading this XD Im a bit amateur on this although I love to learn :)
  15. I know it might be off topic but, after all this heat over the past month or so... Does anyone has an idea of what the winter will bring us? will it be a warm winter or will it change radically to a very cold one... looks like the heat has no end a
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