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  1. LoL, As you were Jax hope you feel better. Bring on the cold snap!
  2. Like others, haven't been about much this year, but now the cold weather looms, Snow Ramp and lamppost watch time imminent. Lovely to see some familiar faces! Looks like the current set up still coming across the channel is veering more NW, so no let up in the rain as yet for some. Evening all.
  3. Alixzandra


    Apologies if I am replicating, but this notification from the WHO, a patient testing positive for Marburg Virus in Uganda confirmed Oct 5th http://www.who.int/csr/don/10-october-2014-marburg/en/
  4. Alixzandra


    An interesting spot of info I learnt when looking after family members who all came down with a nasty virus a few years ago was - always put the toilet seat down after someone's been ill or otherwise, before you flush it - the tiny particles of fecal/vomit travel upwards with the force of the flush.. Don't need to 'eat it' the flush takes care of that for you!
  5. May I ask why you keep referring to Captain Shortwave as Captain Pike? Shortwaves forecasts are his own time/research and work and should maybe be respected as such? He is not a John Pike in waiting, but a forecaster in his own right. just an observation.
  6. Hello all, Great weather the last few days down on the Coast, working in the Palm House today, it's really taken off in there, hard to breathe at points it's been so stifling - originally a hothouse, now an unheated Palm house, doesn't stop it, it's like a jungle, but, still a pleasure to work in all the same
  7. That's a lovely prose Jax. Many thanks to you all for your messages and posts (I will not respond to individual posts, just clogs the feed all up) You really are a bunch of lovely, like minded and supportive souls. Since I have been absent for alittle while, it didn't stop many of you sending PM's just quietly checking in, you know who you are, it was very kind, especially as so many had their own stories, life moments and well, just stuff going on as well, in some ways, others sharing their struggles and life curve balls, helped get through, what has been a painful 8 months. Now back to
  8. It's been awhile, since I cared about the weather. My father passed peacefully last week, a long battle, but. Dignified and at home. I have been digging a new border in my front garden, up and down, but generally, reflective in our joint love of flowers. The warmth we had, the day he died, blue skies, was reflective, then it rained for a couple of days, I steeled myself and dug out a monster 10 year pampas grass today, he would have laughed his proverbial off.
  9. Just popping by, thanks for all the support, the garden is starting to bloom, we've had favourable Weather, after all it's April!
  10. Hello all just stopping in to say, well, hello, hope all is well. Dipping in and out, but keeping abreast of weather updates from our regional forecasters, been very helpful as always. My dad was renting his house out whilst living abroad, when he had to have treatment we persuaded him that taking the house back would make his getting better more comfortable. The garden was in a state and even though poorly, he was determined to start on it. Now he can't finish it, I felt strongly, being a keen gardener, I should make that happen, so have been spending what spare time I have engineering a
  11. Hello knocker. I'm not sure what you are questioning, it looks like a Dahlia :-). Anyways, not sure I am in the right forum..I considered the gardening thread also, so forgive if not, and mods feel free to move if so. My photography is generally more abstract macro in nature, but thought I'd share some of my flower photography with you all. Best Alix.[
  12. Was on the chillier side this morning at college, blue sky really wanted to make an appearance, but stayed pretty overcast and dull. Our Tutor had a tadge of a meltdown - moderator came in to watch over us like a hawk for a practical and written rhs exam. A s he wandered about watching us do our allotted task his eyes started to bulge - half of the group were doing the task completely wrong including those opposite and either side of me..we were not allowed to talk, so I couldn't alert them to the fact they were going down the wrong garden path so to speak..tutor was almost speechless - need
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