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    hastings riviera 4 last 10 years .born & bred in croydon
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    Holidays , as many as possible with my gorgeous daughter . Living life to the max !
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    proper seasons ! hot sunny summers & cold snowy winters

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  1. Your spot on there , I did actually have another peep out the window to see if a winter wonderland might have just suddenly appeared ... In all seriousness I do hope no one gets flooded x
  2. I've only just realised what a bunch of nutters we all are lol. All this drama for a 'bit' of snow .... I've spent hours if not days n days watching all this unfold .....Now all I'm left with is about half a millimetre of slush hahahaha . Time for a drink me thinks ...
  3. Snowing heavily here in Hastings ,ground very wet .. Lights flickering too
  4. no one knows about today lol .met office app pops up, weather warning in force, then half an hour later another saying weather warning has been cancelled ,that's happened 4 times today already for my neck of the woods . head banging stuff
  5. Morning Paul . Marginal & localised have become my least favourite words lol .
  6. morning everyone ! Utter c**p again & weve still got at least 4 more weeks left to driving ourselves insane for a bit of snow lol
  7. according to bbc app Croydon is due snow showers around 3am & hastings is due snow showers around 5am ? I guess its just a case of wait & see ? im actually getting annoyed with myself keep looking at the forecasts for a bit of snow lol ,its beyond ridiculous
  8. Its snowing ,bit fat fluffy flakes .not settling but still lovely to see .have a great Saturday
  9. had enough of driving myself mad now ! its raining & its bed time ,night all ,hope all your dreams are white ones x
  10. ive got no snow , who said snow ? im actually sick of looking out of the windows ,but I just cant help it
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