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  1. fully expect the Nick Sussex winter Prozac supply to see its first winter outing ........
  2. thank you thats exactly what I was looking for - i be keen to see Nov update to see any subtle switches
  3. apologies I know its off topic but i have no idea where to ask - when does the GLOSEA 5 ( UK Met) model update for DJF time period , I thought the Met posted monthly updates on its website? Does it shoe any interest?
  4. with all this rain in SE England we know one thing the Jet is trending south , all we need is that smidge of luck to be on the cold side of the jet and we could be in biz
  5. Certainly the 0z Suite of charts may be indicating a HLB around Greenland in 19 days time , certainly bottling up some great potential there that may lead to Somme great ( if eye candy only ) Boom charts , but as ever more runs needed and watch for a SW spoiler
  6. Im a big admire of the MET , overall an insitution you can proud off , but these longer term updates have been comical
  7. Glad you got on some action , really appreciated your input over last day , just a shame this cold snap been so poor for majority . Those in London I believe really need a beast of the east to really get a covering to counteract urban heating
  8. Yes always nice to see the white stuff but certainly a bit meh this morning , considering it snowed most of the night not much and already drip drip to slush
  9. Were you the poster a few years back who was mad as a Thames streamer and Medway streamer went pass you by , think eventually you got lucky ?
  10. Home and dry app looks ok but see what you mean if you are using WeatherPro app
  11. Funny you mention 2010 dec 1 st/2nd I was thinking how that event unfolded and what uppers we had. I think it was generally much colder than this one . Below a trip down memory lane
  12. has the MET issued an amber alert for London . nothing on website yet national papers are reporting it and BBC NEWS 24
  13. strangely thats heavy stuff is outside the current Amber area the Met issued earlier
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