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  1. Carol suggesting 2-5cm in the SE tomorrow from around 6-7pm. Got a very slight dusting on cars in canterbury but nothing else! Third time lucky Thursday hopefully!
  2. Dry in canterbury currently. Hopefully being further east will benefit me!
  3. What areas will be in it? All the south? Wonder if it will change to orange tomorrow
  4. What’s it looking like for east Kent? Canterbury here. Looks interesting but a cliffhanger! Who knows what will happen. Only 2 days away now
  5. So nice for the risk to be 72 hours away rather than 10 days! Interesting to see what happens. This week had none at home but at work in Dover had a covering!
  6. People in that thread think it's the end of the world. We shall see what happens! Its at least exciting now!
  7. Got nearly 5 inches in canterbury. Most has fallen in last 90 mins. Been a whiteout. Beautiful!
  8. Hi all. Anyone got an update for Friday? Heading up to Heathrow for a flight to Amsterdam early Saturday. Looking a bit touch and go? Thanks
  9. Wow. Canterbiry was a whiteout, simply beautiful! Here are some pics if it works... Hoping Thursday is rain/snow, flying out of heathrow Saturday am! Anyone got an update on that? Mod thread looks confusing!
  10. I think it would be Fridays low that would be the killer! Hoping it goes south! Before that I can't see Heathrow getting much
  11. Flying to Amsterdam next Saturday for the day from Heathrow...hopefully can fly?
  12. I’ll take them with a pinch of salt in this set up! I’ve got radar on and will check lamppost ?
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