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  1. On the BBC website, one of the headlines is 'Why have so many celebrities died in 2016?'

    Not sure Lord Reith would've approved that one.

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    2. Yarmy


      Yes, but the implication from the headline is that there might be some reason for it. It's a bit crass too. There have been a few daft "stories" on the BBC website recently.

    3. Spikecollie


      The headline for the article is a little crude, I have to say, but the sad truth is that it is just normal distribution. A statistical inevitability. If you knew celebrities from the 1960s, they are older men and women now and more likely to get sick and die. Celebrity life is often associated with high pressure, unsafe sex, drugs and alcohol, so the probability of earlier death is higher too...

    4. Wildswimmer Pete

      Wildswimmer Pete

      I agree with Spikecollie.  A lot of personalties from my era (50s/60s) are like me, getting on.  The 1960s saw a lot of drug use which will have made its mark in later life.  I've just recently had two near brushes with The Reaper, one down to a congenital heart defect which led to a stroke.  I've never smoked and always kept myself quite well.  I suspect the culture we now endure won't help with all the stress and agro.

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