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  1. Jet profile decent... Holding pattern setting up... Stunning synoptics AGAIN gfs. Salivating over supports for this run. And fully expext to note prolongment.
  2. Ooosh... In she comes...and gfs is clean-steady and evolutionary feasible.... Cracking!!!
  3. Decent heights alignment.. And note...the iberian feature... Holding but allowing a more open door to the impending flow... Another cracking run awaits.. gfs 6z..
  4. Very early into the run...but im flagging it!!! Heres the immediate focus...
  5. If some data is barking up the correct tree- we'll be digging ourselves out come wednesday-week... And thats not an over-statement!!!. Lets turn our attentions to the 6z...and see its evolution.
  6. Have a butchers @ mets long ranger... Sums up my post rather well!!. South/south east #snowiest #coldest. But yes- i can see why some further north will feel de-flated- but have'nt ourselves .....for all to long. Likely our time is nearly upon us!! Edit; Other suites are stark- gem /gfs/ukmo.. Along with supports ens... So to loose the rag over 1-ecm operational is ludacrious...imo!!!
  7. Morning- if you drop into the mod thread.. It doesnt take a genius to work out that the downbeat are from all northern contingents *ecm* - wobble.. However as i have stressed in there 4 some time, in such set up (easterlys) our part of the uk is prone..and benefits much better than most. We are well in the game- and others could see see a clearing with a shunt north of heights. Just to add these are the london latest ens ooz gfs... And are truly remarkable.....for us. Cold and potentialy snowy continues to be the theme for our part...... .
  8. To add- gfs ooz ens are good, and getting better.. With members certainly on the gain (cold). 6z will offer further insight- and and perhaps take things on a further slant down.
  9. The problem via ecm is the iberian energys interact -and mass with the eastern euro (incomingcold) stall it... Then help the climb on a southerly route!!! If we take the gem- it has clearly modeled a kink in the isobars around southern france- holding everything firm and allowing heights to gain further north!!-and keeping back from progress of the incoming arm of mass pooling (cold)... Still wide open- and the energy/amp mod- ecm could be massivly overplaying affairs in these regions!!! We need to see how we are modeled -today- in and around iberia... for both prop- and allow of heights... still all looking very good imo!!!
  10. Impressive clustering short-mid term. Yes an' uptick thereafter...but im still to a degree- of the notion the drag down will become more evident as we progress. The fat bloke needs a top up of pies!!!!
  11. Stunning north-hem synoptic. Its cold all the way from here. And greeny high looks odds on, as the hemispheric clock turns...
  12. The siberian express- in overide mode 18z... Coming straight to station uk.... Top run coming again...gfs 18z Edit ;. Sometimes its easier on the nerves for some i feel to click the 850 hpa button as a run evolves....for the sake of nerves and knee jerk react!!
  13. gfs hell bent on getting the easterly in early- and modeling the siberian injection of cold, more notably also the iberian prop up feature is in almost perfect placement....for align and aid of advection westwards...
  14. The orientation of the heigh is bound to rise and sink a little run-2 run... But unless it completely sinks...which is'nt going to happen there are no immediate concerns. Its overall placement will ultimately lead to uk cold... Its good at this stage to have variation...or collapse is a %ag'e higher! Edit- greeny high also very favourable and likely- after tge initial easterly... Fingers off pannic buttons.
  15. No worries there!! A pebble in the road around 96/144.. But you would expect that driving on a road that leads to paradise!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰
  16. De-tangled. And heights alignment good. And the flow wiped clean!.. There appears- no feasible foes- for a full on easterly type flow anywhere. And latter frames should be decent on the eye!
  17. The italian low and interact with others causing a flow issue via the ecm... Im sure it will press and move to a more defined inflow... But a little fly in the ointment on this run!
  18. I promise, has never happened beyond D6 before. Not to my immediate knowledge either!!! Quite something!!!
  19. Yes i hear you but as again-expect a decline going forwards. And notable below clustering!!!
  20. Firming is becoming steadfast now. And if the ecm 12z is in nearly the same ballpark its another MAJOR STEP!! Although hold ya-tongue for a few more days. πŸ˜‰
  21. 12z... getting better.. Colder solutions growing. The fat bloke on a binge.. Of pies and lager....keep scoffing my sonπŸ˜‰ 12z london ens absolute cracking set there!!! edit ; seriously need to slow on tap/typo...#words with myself!!!