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  1. Can only be ..encouraging● Ruminating on the sst's!!!.. Dictating the at-least pacific noting!!
  2. Tbh..the phasing is as complex as the raws atm...transition stage !!1-8.. With the 'maritime' phase in a-waiting!!
  3. Really!!??.. Iv'e been quoting the eyeing of the mid atlantic/partial azores ridge for some time now!!.. And as stated-^^..the warm air advection forming as we gain in the above mentioned(azores waa).. Will be imo the turning point of gain of heights...and ultimately, the draw of cold..(real cold incursion)..into our maritime island... Sorry if i was a tad miss-understood previous! Waving on the upper levels is being played out to a-non decipher...but obviously...the divergence is noting that!!!
  5. Fv3...like a dog with a bone!!! Keeps finding the cold spillage..run an-run again!!!
  6. One thing to take as a certainty... Is the polar vortex is as messed up..and in as sorry state as THAT!!!
  7. Txt book icelandic high...with AT-waa for back up ..this time range..is crucial over nxt 2 days evo... ANYTHING AFTER THIS MUST BE SPECULATION...given ramifications!
  8. Knife edge via 12z gfs... AT-ridging trying 2 punch like mike tyson..against the spewing circular canadian energy...lots of resolve at this- geographical point over coming runs !!!!
  9. The old-atlantic ridge...AGAIN !!! the route for uk cold lies here...!! The source of bringing in winter proper!?.. Scandi/north eastern block/blocks are in disolve mode...
  10. 18z ...gfs. The options northern hemisphericaly..are out of box...and on the table!!.. Some top-notch evo's and possibilities.. I said id 'throw up an analysis'... But i think in short its covered...and on the privy' i won't!.. That az-ridge i keep boring you with is AGAIN-imo as massive a feature as the ever modeled pacific/eastern seabord ridge... And with the polar shallow annom Is enough 4 me to sit bk-and be VERY optamistc, for gain and fruition... Wave2..alarms are ringing... And the morphing az-ridge...and the foremention pac-arm....will likely shake hands....then the view for minamal adjust...via scandi/icelandi cell...become a non worthy exaction.... As the impacts keep 'raining' on the upper levels.momentum and sway... ..Are LOADED with some candy store winter probabilities.. Ssts continue to begin favorability!! And as going....the supprts look good.!
  11. Summing up... The 12z ecm is a blocky-and mass potential run.. Non-descript synoptics as the elevation of decipher....CONTINUES. NAO/AO SYNOPTICS ARE FRAUGHT..via momentum... And we are far away from exactions....but there with prognosis..(reverse mobility)..(in sort!) Analysis later!!!!
  12. Minimal adjustments via 12z gfs..but important ones.. Although hp cell placement is a tad unfavourable...the pressure on the vortex is ramped up a little... And the cross polar flow looking decent for a possible mid range split... Interesting evolvement here ! Edit; I continue to bang the drum on the az /mid atlantic-regional warmth...thats feeding the established scandi cell..a saving grace on the euro window ??!!
  13. Indeed.. Gfs really pulling itself together..within the +144 timescale its been well on the money. And if its a cold outlook your wanting...then the GFS is your bonus ball. Over 2 the 12z suites...2-look for compare!. Hopefully when can gain some cross agree today with the overall pattern. I know where my money's going!!!
  14. A continuation of improvement via the ens...not perfect...'however improving suite 2 suite now. 12z today will be massive !!!
  15. Yes daniel..the azhp..wants to shake hands with that large pac-waa/ridge.. Top stuff!!!! @vortex @carved !!!
  16. Para-also flags that azores nose ridge. A big game player imo...going forwards.
  17. Ens begining to look very- late feb/march 2018 esq... (In compare) @belly floping
  18. Europe... Cracks the thermometer... The mercury bulb begins to become unstable!!! Fridgidity-makes landfall...a continuing modeled prognosis.
  19. Casting aside the obvious ie- hp cell placement... The saving grace on initial/probable inflow...may likely be as again the spiking of the az-head.... Raising up and acting as the holding player...aiding the forcing of waa..and stabilsing the fomat... The the cold gathers and builds...and heads only 1 way...great great run...and things worthy of note as we gain and progress..
  20. Very decent.... Keep an-eye for the azores injection. Everyrhing tighter out east also... This would be a grest evolving evolution. And would keep the door a-jar...while the deeper cold develops!
  21. short term pain = long term gain!.. the pressure rises put a squeeze on the pooling... although shaping of hp cell-north..benefits longer term for cutting and probbing toward-greenland...and into the pole as a whole!!
  22. tbf-.. im liking the hp slant and evo. can see some serious kick of cold advection as we develop!!! everthing playing in sync. and the spill seems 'somewhat primmed'.. steady as we go !