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  1. I wouldn't count on it...lots of data suites going down the same road! !!
  2. thermo gradient. .is not absorbed yet!!.. we'll await the incuring flow. ..thenter perhaps eye the overheads. ..a fickle situation. .and 1 that could develop a few now cast /rapid response! !! interesting nonetheless! !.. and something to keep our interest. ... in disturbed weather 'overall '!
  3. backloaded. . and stern. .. and undeniably. . a strange retracted end to winter! ! the loading of deciphering. .will come. .. but at a different angle! !!! jeez! !!
  4. unprecedented tbh. . all pointing are set ..and have been .. we just cannot win !!!..
  5. already conflicting signals via the 12th ops. ..with ridging /pressure points. .. an-interesting ecm this eve. ..with its amplifier keeness! !
  6. the German model is held in high regard. ..but as a 'nowcast model'..within 96 hrs. .. it goes in to the bin bags after that !! and even the dustmen shy away! !!
  7. pre-evaluated. .. !! the horse has bolted. ..and if he didn't. ..he's on a long down welling road. I'm astonished how some...big...and small are ignoring the factors of curent overheads. ..and ram'? that will focus in earlier time funds! ! @shocking
  8. and this is why we could end up with....a fruition such as this.... as I'll highlight in the ensembles of late /compare ... edit... with such synoptic well within the reliability frames. .come next week
  9. agree . although from 0+ hrs the balls in our courts. ..with miss energy. . to many eyes on for -frontal happenings. .b4 we are even out of the euro window stalls! !!
  10. yes definitely. . and let's take these for example. .. b4 the next support 18th set. . and upper repercussions. .. then I'll get to where I wanna be .. as regards. . the evolving situ. ..and member4/support confusion! ! ...and the scrambling of high. ..define. .High pressure give. ..or go. . and the notion of want or..not want ..when a cold plungenerous starts to rear!! image (1).webp
  11. have a look at this crossroad snap.. and see if you can decipher the issue. .with model miss diagnosis. .. no trick questions. .and no patronising. . if-you can't. ...I'll explain !
  12. note. .then polar energy. ..into the eastern quad -polar vortex. ... as drain begins! !!! @180
  13. loool. . take this 180 snap.and remind yourself of the polar overide. .. I enjoy pre-runs. . it's gains. .and waited. . with clockwise momentum sources. . this will be an-annoying sync for the next 2 days. .. b4. . angular workings. .. start to unwind. ..this hp. .and upper layer 'early flick '... is on ourside. .. the pv is as desperate as a love islander for notified. .. and like them. ..we will laugh at it!!!.. circular sequence. ..is firmly on a north-west European clasp!!! we will now likely get..early realable eye candy. ..then dross. .. b4 momentum aligns. .and it's eye candy reliable both. ..within. ...without. .. classic model missed management. ..of placings. .and this time dynam8/mathmatics. ...have us -now in the driving seat. ... (give or take a wobble run...or 2) .
  14. slowwww. ..down. . we've got a well sourced high pressure clump. .against a rush of overwhelming cold river. ... it's merely taking aim! !!
  15. the ukmo is of top 3...verification. . yet @+144...=168. . oddly it's tosh! !! the ukmo raw imo is great. ..but not after +96. . I'll try to jump on what I'm saying. ..by data holds! !!! I'll post.. in short term -window plots/verification. . it's a mash between the raws. .. yet the 'American '...GFS. .. rains supreme ..'overall '.. @seasonal @veverification. [email protected] edit .with the gem Cmc-also of note
  16. eps 12th 500. . I need not post other stamps. . for fear of medicinal needs of those whom fail -don't want what is evolving! !!! chuck the block up. .. and it's a nil -angle of shut! !!! *all roads. .....really do lead to OUTBREAK *....
  17. I'm coming at ya. .and 4 starter's here are the temperature progs! ! @latest2! !
  18. thank god someone flagged this.. it's a beta max-perception. and even that 1-below par, of the raws! @nice1 Steve
  19. I'd argue check suite/suite members. ..runs..as the minors will see the pattern change b4. .the massh dialogue of data long perms! !.. to which will then switch us quick. ..but in them updating beyond what is by then occur. ... seen it MANY TIMES! !
  20. *chewing fingernails *.. let's await the 12th suits gefs/Eps-500'so. . then perhaps boots won't be selling out of -non biting finger fluid-... and prozac! !.. the alarm bells are a-calling. ...and cold is ringing! !!.. hp place. .fickle. .. yet the eye and mind can see the end is nigh. ...for continuous miss-format. ..evolution. .. winter AWAITS! !!
  21. miss-shapped troughs. ..and miss modeled hp2 cells. . are by way of evolution. ..a trigger for UK cold! !.. I'm on this now BIG TIME. ...
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