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  1. The Sheffield Utd game summed up all that is wrong with Arsenal and has been for a few years- there's no Plan B. Their fancy passing with at least 8 players having to touch the ball before somebody went for goal may have beaten Man Utd and Liverpool but on a muddy evening in Sheffield it made them look like idiots. What I just couldn't bear was that even with an outfield player in goal, they still didn't even try shooting from more than 10 yards unless it was a free kick- the guy was hardly tested in all the time he was on the pitch.

    The 4-2 home defeat against Charlton was the turning point of the 2001-2 season as I recall, they'd up to then been doing exactly as they are now playing fancy stuff wih no end product and often losing to the lower-placed sides; afterwards I recall Wenger tightening up the defence, dropping the expensive flop Richard Wright in goal and Henry becoming the top-class striker he has been since (before, he wasted too many chances for all his skills).

    lol, but where is that Glenn W these days?? that was rather embarrasing for his team on Sunday!! :cold:

    up the gunners!!!!!! :rolleyes:

  2. Yes, it is a trend I have noticed as well, also the same goes for cold spells with N'ly + E'lys always starting towards the end of the month for the last few years. Such examples include:

    Feb 06: No lying snow for my location sadly, but very cold with lots of snow showers which lasted untill early March.

    Dec 05: 2" from an Atlantic front hitting cold air on the 29th/30th.

    Nov 05: No snow, but some biting N'lys at the end of this month after a warm autumn.

    Feb 05: A remarkable spell of snow for SE especially that started in Late Feb and carried on towards mid-March and dumped 15cm of snow in Kent during it's peak.

    Dec 04: Some snow around Xmas, although I don't remember where! My area was cold and very frosty with mins of -5c on boxing day morning.

    Feb 04: Although my memory is little rusty, I remember western areas getting quite a bit of snow at the end of this month. None for me but cold.

    Jan 04: Thundersnow on the 28th

    Jan 03: 30th saw sudden blizzards that night.

    My memory is not crystal clear so I may be slightly off with some of these "facts" and also most of it is just what I remember for my area.

  3. (I wont mention Stephen Gerrards continental acting on the opening day premier fixtures or how a foul from behind on David Sommeil for Utd at Spurs last night was laughed at in the usual "Your a northern club so go away - you dont get anything in London" fashion),

    I don't know if you were actually watching the game properly but it appeared that Gerrard was trying to avoid falling over agaisnt Sheffield U.

    And please don't start doing this "Im a poor northerner thing" ... It will only start another North v South argument!


  4. There was even a lot of snow in London, which is highly impressive for a north-westerly oriented cold blast.



    Very impressive indeed, usually NW'ly blasts are only good for north-western areas and only bring sunshine to the SE. That is one big low pressure system over scandinavia though, and I see the pressure over Greenland rose to 1045mB.

    WBSH :D

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