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  1. Yup. Even Guernsey was split in 2. 10cm where I live, 4 miles south had 2cm. Alderney got 20+cm. Sleet now forecast and what a waste of space sleet is
  2. Looks like a correction north so a disaster for us in the Channel Islands. Get the impression the low in north France is going to push up and will now move the main snow along the south England coast.
  3. Ha. You stole the recent snow ! We got 5cm then hammered with rain and temps of 7c by the Friday. Tbf we lost a hell of a lot of trees back in ‘13. Winds got up to f10. Not keen for that again.
  4. No no no. Don’t need anything going further north !! Southerly correction please ! Need that low in Normandy to sink a bit more for us in the Channel Islands. Should hopefully get a good channel streamer with the setup though
  5. Good snowfall earlier in Guernsey but turned to rain around 2.45pm. Been raining heavily since and the snow slowly melting away.
  6. Quite liking those ppn charts for the Channel Islands. We seem to do well out those channel streamers
  7. Another flip flop from the gfs. Coming back in 4 days. This rollercoaster is driving me nuts !
  8. Remember trying to ride home from school in a blizzard. Amazing week that was. 14inch at sea level.
  9. Feb 1991 the eastern seaboard had warm temps in the low 20's when we had the snow. Good sign !
  10. Sadly looks like a rain event for us. Payback for the low slider of March 2013 that gave us 40cm in a day and none for you lot !
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