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  1. Evening all! Been a long time since I've been in here... good to see the same posters and that use have kept this thread going! Must be snaw hunting time eh ??? And thoroughly SEEK of the peeshy wet fife has been festooned with yest and this morning... floods everywhere roads closed ? Wee bit excitement building about a possible cold Halloween I see ? Right now I'll be glad to get a dry day the morn 2 sort my garden out! Wine pouring time... happy weekend folks! X
  2. Just back from a fab girly weekend in galashiels at a friends house. This annual event has seen us travel there in some crazy weather but yestrday we were treated to sum glorious sunshine that made the fields and leaves the most spectacular golds orange n bronzes. Treated on the return journey to the same outlook but with some spectacular idiots on the a7 who clearly won their driving licence in a lucky bag. Not even gonny mention thedetour via linlthgow cos of a spillage on the m90... Anyhoo bak hame in glenrothes theres a definate chill in the air that matches the chill in my body tryn t
  3. Same here. Damn haar rolled in to kirkcaldy just after 5pm n noo its caught up in glenrothes havent seen the northern lights ever so one is not amused lol. Bmw gud luk in your move. Hav family in the midlands who wer visitng tmr n i can confirm many a snawy winter doon that way xx
  4. Yup luvly in fife. Had a wee drive wi ma pal up to st andrews n it was gorgeous. Freakn freezn wen u wer out the sun tho. View on way into st andrews was magnificent. Its only just dawned on me shudve got a fotie. Deary me...
  5. Aw r use havn a laff? Travelld to wolverhampton today to visit family n use hav seen snaw? Ive seen driving rain n howling gales aw the way doon the m6 #feksake
  6. BUS, Just so u know we all appreciate the time n effort your puttn in to givn us glimmers of hope whilst we all either droon in the rain or get blawn to bits. In most cases both lol. your keepn oor smowy dreams alive
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