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  1. no air conditioning in Stafford Tenpin, unreal, still managed a decent 590 series

  2. Next, there will be moans about fat bare bellies hanging out! not a pleasant sight, but not me, as i am 124 lbs

  3. nogaps model fantastic chart at 150! dream chart shame its fantasy as model no longer exists, looks great on meteociel

  4. Damn, Blast and Hell! Federer is out

  5. Hewitt! gosh he was good, super, super lleyton, super lleyton hewitt

  6. flamin' ell, steve murr 9999 'likes' not sure if there is anyone else higher

    1. Eugene


      Add another 666 likes this winter :)

    2. BornFromTheVoid


      Steve has achieved such legendary status around here that he could probably post a picture of a turd in the MOD thread and still get close to a dozen likes!

    3. Polar Maritime

      Polar Maritime

      Very true BFTV!

  7. Anyone else been completely cloudy today? not a chink of brightness, Stafford is the ultimate worst for north sea mist

    1. Harve


      Sunny only from 6-7.30pm in Derbyshire...

    2. Scorcher


      I was in Glossop yesterday Harve and there was plenty of sunshine there

    3. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      glossop is over 300m asl though, i would have thought most prone areas to mist were low levels/valleys

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  8. Adrian pollocks millionaire, 64,000 question so easy its unreal, he answered wrong, labor day is in Sept

  9. this day last year Wed 30th May, my hottest of year at 26.2C max, the 0lympic torch (although was the week before Whit

  10. 606 series at tenpin! always good to get over 600, and 606 uk's biggest football phone in

  11. Who wants to be a millionaire is so backward in 2000, virtually all answers after 1000 pounds are D

  12. 0n who wants to be a millionaire, nearly all the answers are D,

  13. any reason why I cannot post? no warning points

    1. The watcher

      The watcher

      ctl and f5 to fix, forum update today just. I had same problem.

    2. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      try ctrl and F5 if that don't work clear your browser cache

    3. I remember Atlantic 252
  14. gosh 10.2C max not used to it, I still think its winter! and Stafford is full of useless chavs and adults with low IQ's!!!

  15. would by a mile rather a cold winter, than hot summer!

    1. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      I'd like both, but if the cold winter is like 2012/13 then I'd prefer summer.

    2. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      26C showing on 384 chart, FI though

    3. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      Lovely shame its in FI lol

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  16. still think 2013 could be the year with no spring, could suddenly get up to 22C mid april, then stay 20C average so summer

    1. Eugene


      Could go from winter synoptics to autumnal ones if ECM 12Z is correct with a deep low approaching our shores, how depressing unless you like rain

    2. Milhouse


      To be honest i would usually detest a chart like that but i will take anything if it delivers double figure temperatures again. At least it will get things growing.

    3. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      would prefer GFS by a mile, straight to 18C and springlike

  17. dry for foreseeable future, still snow patches cant get much better than that surely (for run up to April)

    1. Snowman.


      There has been nothing wrong with march so far. Ok it is extreme but many forgot what march can actually be like. Climate change has left many into thinking that warm springs are normal which there not

    2. Eugene


      Yes scorcher as monotonous as the summer of 1976

    3. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      It is nice to have some dry weather at times though

      Agree SN0WM4N, one proper cold March and some seem to think a little ice age is coming.. lol

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  18. Is frost possible under cloud? i didnt think so, but metO says frost under the cloud cover? i've never known frost with cloudy skies

    1. Andy Bown

      Andy Bown

      It'll be a penetrating frost due to the wind, tepratures below freezing but little if any visible frost.

    2. Polar Continental

      Polar Continental

      It is often called a black frost. Air dry, so no visible hoar frost.



      Low dewpoints create this, ...

  19. ya know what the bleedin' express is like, see these models and say 'drought on the way'

  20. dosent give a damn about USA weather, does not interest me one bit

    1. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      Cheery Old Soul!

    2. Bishop Brennan

      Bishop Brennan

      I was in NYC when one of these big winter storms hit in 2009 - unforgettable scenes.

    3. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      I find it interesting, more interesting than Stafford weather ;)

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  21. Anyone else noticed februaury in welsh thread?

    1. jtay


      It's all those extra ewes.

    2. Bobby
  22. yay! tenpin decent series 622

  23. Dug out Atlantic 252 tapes! my god thats real music, and retro rules

  24. 1984 smashed it 18Z on 08th Jan

  25. fergie, 8.8 average likes per post, got to be the most legendary poster on here, great to have him

    1. Bishop Brennan

      Bishop Brennan

      Well said. The likes of Ian F, Old Met Man and JH add so much to the forum.

    2. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      oh yeah definitely and teits and nick S

    3. PerfectStorm


      How dare you forget me...

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