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  1. 12 minutes ago, DCee said:

    Away from the hills I wouldn't bet against a snow flake not being seen this winter for the majority of the UK. I suspect the atlantic will be too powerful and continue to push all cold weather aside.


    kinda agree with this, told a few people this for my location, only 104m asl, saying it wouldn't surprise me nowadays if at the end of Feb we have seen no snow

  2. 4 hours ago, Froze were the Days said:

    I wonder where BFTP (Fred) is?...didn't he call for a coldish December but currently looks like another bad call from him and lets be honest there's been a lot.

    It doesn't look like mild all the way with some Pm incursions and there might be some wintryness on the odd day at altitude looking at the latest ecm but nothing untoward. Today not in a mild air mass where I am but thermometer still showing 10.5c here in the south east so on that basis will certainly be milder than average over the next week in the south east.

    don't wanna know PMSL! bad call, what a surprise

  3. 19 minutes ago, markw2680 said:

    Tbh I don’t no whether it’s just me but I’m actually looking forward to some lively weather again weather it’s wind rain sleet or even s**w, I get kind of bored of this still nothing stuff, I no flooding and that is really bad but I just find this calm stuff a tad boring

    not for me living here, if I lived at 300m plus especially north then yes, but I'd much rather have as most call it 'boring' weather

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