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  1. cor, never see that now, hate back then, most people must have got sick of cold and snow
  2. that Stafford if full of weirdos, LOL that many guys are obsessed/jealous of/with me, think I may know why, my bod, 9 stone and proud, suck it up suckers!
  3. hey up, anniversary of the snow! childhood winters ruled!
  4. huge difference today, here was a miserable damp foggy morning, town, 3 miles to the NW, bright sunshine
  5. I reckon one of the warmest Decembers on record, GFS already hinting at the SW'lys returning around the 1st, certainly reckon warming up around then, Dec CET could be very high
  6. sigh, 90's winters, tha days! bring them back
  7. my scrabble friend with loads of snow, and loves it and hope it stays, I reckon no thaw until April, Fairbanks, Alaska
  8. problem is these awful E/NE winds, in 3 weeks or so we may see more sun as westerlies arrive, rainbands yes but traditional zonal can bring sunshine too
  9. Jon, much prefer that type weather to what we've had last 4 weeks or so, to me, that looks mainly dry and 14 degrees or so here
  10. yes, will affect Stoke more, you've fared a bit better today, but I fared much better on Dec 10th '17
  11. been lucky here too, moderate showers at times, but also not raining all the time, Stoke will be better though as it seems to be protected by Peaks, so should have even less rain
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