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  1. Aye, rain lovers had their fun, time for settled weather fans now, our turn is rare and short, so no moaning please rain fans about the drier spell
  2. Ed, outlier often over used on here, but that bottom left one clearly is, looks like an error
  3. Southerlies win! on GFS 12Z great result for October even in FI, 2 months later though would want the opposite
  4. Southerlies 'winning' on GFS 6Z FI?, seems to be following EC
  5. looks good, deep FI, but too late I reckon for summery weather
  6. Models starting to look better now over last few runs, northerly now looks like failing which is great living here in late Oct, bring on mild and dry
  7. cannot remember, but heavy rain and Stafford go together so often, rain gets boring here and not memorable
  8. 2002 early Jan, sunny days, severe frosts, as good as snow, also (rip Atlantic 252)
  9. holiday week here too 28th to 1st, some are on holiday next week in UK
  10. well as Mr_Data pointed out, red sun due to storm 0phelia on 16th was kinda cool
  11. Jesus, seems as childish as wibble! only way to stop this is to forfeit teams from events
  12. 1728 hour chart from CFS, Scots/ high levels N England to have a white Xmas, south though yuk, but of course just for fun
  13. Aye, Xmas is too westerly, Easter is nearly always northerlies or easterlies
  14. Aye, Scotland only, no excitement for me living here for cold setups, would rather an Indian Summer
  15. worst start to a day in months, looks like wet for the day and might not get light
  16. Aye, my guess is mild and wet, with a record being broken somewhere, either for mildness, wetness or wind gusts
  17. might have known storms/rain would miss here at night, miles to the east, but if daytime would be slap bang over me
  18. hope it's from northeners then! cos nothing to get excited about for southern members, much too early
  19. was thinking other way actually, thankfully started to clear around 10.30 here, expected it to clear around 4
  20. tomorrow looks a washout too, hopefully more settled signs starting to appear on EC
  21. Aye, as it's October, my favourite weather is dry and as warm as possible, but Dec to Mar, my favourite is of course snow and cold, but if we don't get those setups, then next best is dry with high pressure mild or cold, i'll take either
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