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  1. Yes great run, another non event, but still FI, infact Friday looks a decent day
  2. bring it on Jon! but very uncertain and FI is brought forward due to ex hurricanes etc and really no horrible Lorenzo? this run looks like for the bin
  3. Aye, miles better chart, looks decently warm too, but of course due to setup deepest FI, whatever EC shows makes not much difference and pardon me, but few days ago, thought members were meaning the NW forecaster lorenzo
  4. luckily Cheshire Gap streamer missing here, still few showers but horrid day around Stockport area
  5. don't have the channel for early kick off, but hope Liverpool win
  6. tha days! miss them! used to look forward to 6;30pm bbc weather on the telly to see all the snow on the way! childhood winters ruled
  7. Knew the'd do it when tennis season prectically finished, this is no punishment, it should be from mid June to mid Sept,
  8. miles out though, but never 'wrong' month if dry, Aye would be great from May to Sept
  9. Not for me Jon ta, wouldn't want those temps any time of the year
  10. As I agree with welcome back T.I, I'm still in summer mood living here in Sept, northerlies here for next 5 weeks would just be around 10 degrees, and will feel just as vile as a January day with a SW'ly breeze
  11. hardly any chance of that, any beast always more likely to arrive late Feb, then easterlies dominate April and May
  12. Aye, maybe weaker team, perhaps underestimated 0xford but at least West Ham won on Sunday, more importantly
  13. fantasy not for long though, hate to report it, pains me but Scum 1-0 Rochdale, but only earlyish in event
  14. Yes, seeing this on sky 402, may not be abandoned yet, sky 402
  15. uncertain times,with ex hurricanes etc, but do like the end of the EC, improving from next Wed, on GFS too, but good chart this, upper teens maybe, higher SE?
  16. Irlam? never heard of them, isn't that where @weather history lives?
  17. hope so SS, GFS flirting with it, but on many runs now ex hurricane could interfere with things and this is where ex hurricane is by 5th, looks rather ugly on this run anyway
  18. I like the useless model GEM, but as Jon says very uncertain and chances of GEM FI coming off is zero
  19. debate 606, Solskjaer in or out? as a united hater, i'd say in, many fans say in too though, at least give him a chance
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