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  1. was thinking other way actually, thankfully started to clear around 10.30 here, expected it to clear around 4
  2. tomorrow looks a washout too, hopefully more settled signs starting to appear on EC
  3. Aye, as it's October, my favourite weather is dry and as warm as possible, but Dec to Mar, my favourite is of course snow and cold, but if we don't get those setups, then next best is dry with high pressure mild or cold, i'll take either
  4. perhaps that's why we look on here, every model run hoping for 'benign' weather, just like most look for and want wet weather
  5. Aye, I'm known everywhere for correcting spellings, but never clicked on this until now, it's on data charts, although only 3 m's when clicked on
  6. quietly keeping an eye on these last few FI runs of EC and GFS, will of course downgrade as settled weather often does, but EC 12Z decent again
  7. imagine them in July, even lower chance of coming off then
  8. here today a clear north/south split, summery blue skies to the north, unsettled grey skies to the south, here is veil of high cloud with watery sun
  9. my 94 year old Nan knows real uk winters, from Sunderland and Northumberland
  10. Agree with this and so does everybody else, everybody of all ages knows winters have changed massively
  11. like your updates Zak, they're good, especially for me as a dry weather fan, but do you not mean gradually spreads east?
  12. EFL trophy, Johnstone's paint trophy is the real mickey mouse cup
  13. certainly better than our usual setup, raging zonality with the jet fairly south with temps around 6 degrees and endless rain, and snow for Scotland, north of the lows
  14. Aye Summer Sun starts them at midnight on the dot every night
  15. Anyone else not know Jon Snow was from game of thrones? never heard of him before the netweather member username

    1. Weather-history


      The only Jon Snow I know is the news reporter/newscaster. He's been around for years.

      The former Test cricketer is John Snow. 

    2. Dami


      can't stand GoT. 

    3. Seasonality


       I didn't know either.

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  16. great charts Jon, GFS got to be unerestimating temps off that setup, shame they won't happen
  17. a word I'd never heard before! and yes valid in scrabble, outdoorsy
  18. exactly same as me @cheese, those 2 charts posted earlier to me don't look too bad, they look dry, to me the worst winter setup is probably the most common, raging Atlantic on a southerly jet, lows crashing over central/southern UK, temps around 7 degrees
  19. No2 seed SS? not sure I agree with this, unless Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and other top bods not playing
  20. amazed it's cleared already, was expecting it to arrive now, but going by GFS not finished yet
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