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    Pucklechurch near Bristol 113m ASL
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    Owner of 2 large allotments with polytunnel, I grow various vegetables, fruits and flowers. I have been interested in the weather since very young having been spoilt by hot summers and snowy winters as a child of 70's and 80's.
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    Hot summers and cold winters with snow.

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  1. Definitely more snow in Bristol tonight compared to last night, really heavy now.
  2. Did someone order a white Easter? GFS 18z says yes
  3. Here we go again, light snow falling
  4. When you go to bed for 2 hours before your nightshift and wake to look at radar
  5. I have a feeling we will get the beast mark 3 for Easter, reminds me of that old song 'I'm dreaming of a white Easter'
  6. That will be the tarmac and concrete acting like storage heaters after this weeks milder weather.
  7. 12z Icon develops a feature tonight, not sure if it will get as far north as Bristol?
  8. You may argue how you put your bloody jam and cream on your scones but there is no arguing this is truly remarkable weather event for Devon and Cornwall and you can be united in this wonderful day
  9. Back home safe from work, 25 min journey took me 50. Coming down thick and fast here and I would say not far off last total now
  10. She be fun driving home after work at 6am back up to Pucklechurch
  11. The amount of snow falling now warrants an amber, I work at Southmead hospital and these are the most salted roads I know and they are all completely white.
  12. I think the METO have called this wrong and the amber zone should have been further north including Bristol and south Glos.
  13. Very light here in Bristol although some bigger flakes now.