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    Owner of 2 large allotments with polytunnel, I grow various vegetables, fruits and flowers. I have been interested in the weather since very young having been spoilt by hot summers and snowy winters as a child of 70's and 80's.
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  1. Ian F has just tweeted that Thursday storm could be 250 miles further North or South than currently shown, still lots of uncertainty from METO.
  2. My view FWIW is the models have not got this nailed past 96hrs, I work on the theory of twitter tweets, when lots of meteorologists who I follow do not tweet its they are unsure of upcoming pattern. My twitter feed has been quiet for days from the Pros which says it all, I personally am still looking north/northeast for height rises.
  3. Looks like it is sending it back in the mid Atlantic?
  4. Overnight runs and 6z still showing same theme, where the Scandi high finishes and what the Azores high does still not set in stone. I don't even have to go on Metociel to look at charts I can come on here see who is posting and know the placement of those said highs. I wish people would stop point scoring and commentate on what models are showing or what they think may evolve(which very few do).
  5. More ridging to northeast on 18z if I am reading it right?
  6. People being a bit harsh on Steve Murr, at least he has the balls to try and read and predict what may happen from his viewpoint rather than just posting what charts show.
  7. Love the way that cold pool rushes in from the east.
  8. Is it just me or is the forecast SSW on GFS always at 300 plus hours?
  9. I agree with @seaside 60 model watching is very good at the moment because none of us really know what is going to happen, that could be said anytime I guess but with so much northern blocking and the states warming up I for one wont be writing Winter off just yet.
  10. Cheers for your insight, always learning.
  11. Where are the zonal charts? I am confused as to me the Atlantic looks dead and it is far from zonal.
  12. Model Output Discussions 18z 31/01/2016

    To be fair none are right yet, as the weather hasn't occurred.
  13. Model Output Discussions 18z 31/01/2016

    Nick sums it up perfectly and those fretting on where its going to snow and how much need to realise these situations will go down to nowcasting. Many more twists and turns yet, here in Bristol I have been left disappointed many times when snow events are rain and other occasions like Feb 6th 2009 I have been surprised by heavy snow after rain was forecast.
  14. Model Output Discussions 18z 31/01/2016

    Looking very stormy next weekend on 18z GFS, the UK is there somewhere.