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    Pucklechurch near Bristol 113m ASL
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    Owner of 2 large allotments with polytunnel, I grow various vegetables, fruits and flowers. I have been interested in the weather since very young having been spoilt by hot summers and snowy winters as a child of 70's and 80's.
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    Hot summers and cold winters with snow.

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  1. Happy New Year all, back for the winter hoping for something better than the dross so far.
  2. 'Cold to the left of me, cold to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you'
  3. ECM finishes with a tease, are we ready for another chase, after all it is the hunt for cold
  4. GFSP says hold my beer, we are not done with Winter just yet
  5. I thought the same @TEITS but didn't want to mention it for fear of getting shot down.
  6. Wind kept waking me last night and I have lost a fence panel, current temp 6.8c and calmer
  7. Met office further outlook and EC46 been banging the drum of northern blocking since end of December in their extended, so whatever its showing now I will take with a pinch of salt. I said Saturday cold back around the 11th and I am sticking with that, not what the models are showing but something I see(although TBF I am clueless).
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