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    Pucklechurch near Bristol 113m ASL
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    Owner of 2 large allotments with polytunnel, I grow various vegetables, fruits and flowers. I have been interested in the weather since very young having been spoilt by hot summers and snowy winters as a child of 70's and 80's.
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    Hot summers and cold winters with snow.

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  1. Current temp -0.3c with Dew point of -3.7c, ice pellets falling steady and given the road a sugar coating.
  2. I was meant to add, Matt Hugo on Twitter saying the front has more legs than models predicted so may end up further East before fizzling out.
  3. Yes really good day for drying washing, I have humidity now of 51% and dew points of -7.1c
  4. Currently -0.2c and Dew point of -5 really feels colder today with wind picking up and drawing in really low dew points.
  5. Latest METO warnings really do paint a bleak picture for areas away from Devon/Cornwall with regards to snow before mild returns.
  6. January 1st remains my coldest night of the year with -5.8c, last night manged a low of -5.4, a disappointing cold spell for my neck of the woods with regards to snow but I prefer dry and cold to wet and average.
  7. Latest thoughts from Met Office with a real threat of freezing rain at the weekend.
  8. Just read the BBC month ahead and they are still bullish about cold blocked pattern late February into March with milder conditions next week.
  9. GFS 6z has us back in the cold by end of next week after a brief drier milder blip, we will see though.
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