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  1. Got down to a comparatively toasty -7.3°C here in Staffordshire. Not sure how that compares to the rest of the CET zone. Looking at the modelling there's a decent chance the early hours of Saturday could be slightly colder than last night in the CET zone.
  2. On the Weathercloud observations map there is a -18.3°C in Kennethmont, Aberdeenshire. I'm currently at a much less impressive -3.0°C, with -5.5°C to beat.
  3. Let's hope we get that renewed Easterly next week then! This would do nicely
  4. GFSp suggesting what would be the coldest night in lowland England so far this winter. -10°C a possibility in the East Midlands and East Anglia. Not many places above -5°C. Most other models being a bit more conservative with -6/-7°C being the lowest.
  5. Temperature dropping rapidly here in Staffordshire with crystal clear skies, no wind, and a thick layer of snow. Dropped from -0.8C at 9:00pm to -3.4C at 10:10pm. Already the coldest night of the winter here, excited to see what it dropped to come morning.
  6. Moderate snow still falling here. Temp peaked at 0.6C but now down to 0.2C, hopefully going well below freezing tonight. If the front is still potent as it slowly drops back south I wouldn't be surprised if a few areas breach 15cm by the end.
  7. Currently snowing very heavily here in Rugeley. Accumulating quickly and radar is looking very good. First time in 7 years I'll have seen decent snow in the UK, due to living on the coast for much of that time.
  8. Lovely hard frost here in Rugeley with the snow steadily approaching. This is why I love winter. Here's hoping the snow intensifies a bit over the next couple of hours as per the ICON 09z
  9. High res models have some very low minima on Monday morning wherever the deepest snow lies. WRF has -7°C over Staffordshire whilst EURO4 has spots of sub -8°C in Herefordshire. Sunday night could be the coldest for quite some time for some of us.
  10. NMM 2km has it very far north, with some snow getting up to the southern edge of South Yorkshire. Definitely seems like it's going to be a case of radar watching for pretty much everyone.
  11. NMM 0.05 6z is my favourite solution. Hotspot around southern areas of Staffordshire/Derbyshire/Leicestershire that haven't had a snow day yet despite being wedged between snowy Brum, Stoke and the peaks. Is 6 inches+ a possibility? Apparently so if you were going by this chart. Roll on tomorrow
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