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  1. Here's the potential I'm looking at for next week:Warming up for many central, southern and eastern areas early next week. Cooler and at times more unsettled for northern and western areas. Potential warm plume for eastern/south eastern areas later in the week with low pressure bringing cooler and more unsettled conditions elsewhere. Potential for some thundery downpours as low pressure across western areas comes up against the warm and humid air over eastern/south eastern areas, and/or thundery showers moving up from France to affect some areas. Likely cooler and more unsettled for the UK a
  2. I've heard solar activity may be increasing with possibility of a CME. Could this affect the stratospheric warming and/or is potential implications for the UK and Ireland?
  3. Hi All. I have created my own weather page on facebook and would be grateful if you would have a look :-) http://www.facebook.com/WeatherWatchUK?ref=hl
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