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  1. I had not long left school and started work when 1956 dawned (I was 17 by the time this year rolled round - I turned 18 on 07 April 1956). In my job I had to undergo an in-house training course lasting from early January to early March 1956, this taking place in a large and fairly isolated mansion type house close to Chalfont St Peter, in Buckinghamshire. I had to travel there by train from Herefordshire, and at that particular time in January heavy snowfalls and freezing temperatures affected many areas of the UK. As a matter of interest, the area around Boston, Lincolnshire, was very bad
  2. The two Novembers I personally well remember for cold spells, even without looking back at my own reports and observations, were both in the 1960s - right in the middle of the "Mini Ice Age" (c.1940 - 1970). The first one was November 1962, which came as a real foretaste of the extremely severe three months' winter that was to start little more than 4 weeks later. Of course, none of us was aware at the time what was just around the corner so to speak! As with all the real classical severe winters of the past it came right from the east, under the exact conditons and synoptic situation whi
  3. I was in Chester over the New Year period 29 Dec 1978 to 03 January 1979, and during that period I was driving back to Chester from Mold, just over the border in Wales. It was New Year's Day 01 January 1979 - evening - and I left Mold at about 7pm. It was a nightmare journey through a raging snowstorm and it took three times longer than normal to cover the journey as the whirling snowflakes (the dry powdery stuff) cut visibility to practically zero at times. I had to make a detour from the way I intended as I preferred to keep to the main road and I had to go through Chester City Centre
  4. Thanks a lot for those stats, John, and your hard work. It's really great to be able to compare them with mine. I really don't think I would like to go through a winter like that again...must be the age I am now! I could face anything back in 1962....! You deserve to be treated to a pint now! My call! Cheers LL
  5. 1962/63 WINTER I won't post the March 63 weather as the cold began to lessen during the first week although there were severe frosts on the first four nights. Then it was back to normal at last, and by 06 March 63 the snow that had been on the ground since 26 Dec 62 finally disappeared except for remains of drifts by walls and hedges that took ages to finally melt away altogether. Snow covered the ground for 69 consecutive days. I cut out loads of weather stuff out of the national and local newspapers during the winter. 30 DEC 62: Orpington train station Kent - aerial view: snow d
  6. Second attempt.....first one went into orbit somewhere. FEBRUARY 1963 Date Max C Min C Preciptn. mm Weather (*=snow) Fri 01 -0.3 -3.4 1.3* Strong NE wind; snow on and off Sat 02 -2.4 -7.2 0.7* NE gale; heavy drifting snow at times Sun 03 0.5 -6.9 1.8* Snow on and off all day Dull Mon 04 -1.8 -10.3 1.6* Snowfall with drifting windy Tue 05 0.4 -2.8
  7. Oh dear...I posted all the details for February 1963 earlier on and included some additional snippets taken from my weather scrapbook at the time when I cut out interesting items from the newspapers, local and national about the extraordinary cold and snowy winter. I don't know what happened, but it seems to have got lost! I will have to do it again later today but not to worry. Paul C: Lovely story...thanks! Yes, this country is now a totally different place and any (unlikely!) repeat of a similar winter again would cause absolute and complete shutdown of everything! It only takes an
  8. February 1963 records to come tomorrow.....contains more snowstorms, one the worst of the whole winter. I loved all the snow when it first started but after nearly three months of it I was genuinely sick and tired of the whole bad winter and the sight of green grass again was fantastic. Wee bit tired now and going to watch traffic Cops on TV. Keep warm! :blink:
  9. Hi Rollo: I remember Nov 65 and looking back at the records it was a cold month with a lot of snow in the North at the end of the month as you say. My records say that we had a power cut owing to the cold stormy conditions on the 26 with snow accumulating on power lines. Seeing you were in the NE, Durham had 17 air frosts during the month. Balmy old Plymouth did not have a single air frost! Paul: It's true there was very little central heating back in 1962/63. My grandmother lived in a tiny terrace cottage with just one coal fire. That winter when she woke in the morning she had to b
  10. JANUARY 1963 Date Max Min Precipn. Weather details (*=snow) Tue 01 -1.2 -1.7 3.8* Heavy snow am Wed 02 -0.7 -1.2 1.3* Slight snow Thu 03 -0.2 -3.3 9.6* Blizzard; strong NE v.cold; huge drifts Fri 04 1.1 -1.3 2.1* Heavy snow at times; dull; windy Sat 05 0.6 -1.0 Tr* Light snow at times; bright pm
  11. As I promised Paul I am posting my day by day personal observations of the Great Winter of 1962/63, doing the three months Dec 62, Jan 63 and Feb 63 one at a time. At the time I did all my measurements in imperial but I have converted them all to metric for this purpose, as I have for my computer records. They include max, min tmps, precipitation totals and brief summary of each day's conditions. DECEMBER 1962 Date Max C Min C Precipitation mm Weather
  12. Thanks for the welcome and your kind words, Paul. I've always been interested in weather and climate in general, and my observations and weather diaries go back to when I was 14. It was during geography lessons at school that my interest developed. I should really have gone into a meteorological career when I left school but I took another path, but that's another story! I am now very concerned with what seems to be happening to the world's climate and environment in general, and it's fortunate now that a lot of people are taking it seriously. I really miss those winters of earlier y
  13. Hi...this is my first post in this forum. I have loads of memories about the lovely cold snowy winters we used to have when I was a kid. I was born in April 1938 so I am now 66. You asked about funny stories. I was 24 during the winter of 1962/63, which was easily the coldest winter of the whole 20th century, and after the 1947 winter (only 16 years before) it was the second snowiest. My grandmother lived alone in a tiny cottage heated only with a coal fire downstairs, and when she went to bed she always put her teeth in a glass of water by her bed. When she woke in the morning they we
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