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  1. 2 hours ago, Herefordweather said:

    Can’t see the showers even reaching me in Hereford let alone South Wales. Can see this cold spell being disappointing snow wise for us

    I'd say the 06z GFS is ok for snow for the Hereford area Thursday night - Friday. Milder air being held back a little? Snow depth looks ok by Saturday.


  2. 27 minutes ago, Roadrunner said:

    Was there a SSW prior to February '91? May have been answered previously so apologies if so. I also remember around the time we had the snow nirvana that year, the Eastern seaboard of the USA had quite high temperatures for the time of year. May mean nothing at all - then again my knowledge is very limited! 

    Yes, apparently so, as Judah Cohen was comparing similarities with the split vortex then, to the forthcoming one. He mentioned it on Twitter.


  3. Hi all,

    I have a Barigo barograph bought in about 1990 which is in perfect condition, apart from the odd miniscule scratch. It is housed in a mahogany case. I do not have any paper or the pen, but these can be bought. Last time I looked, a new one would cost about £1000.

    I need to sell it which isn't that easy, can anyone suggest where I should sell it? I have tried eBay, but there was no interest.






  4. 1 minute ago, CreweCold said:

    I don't know about Hovmoeller plots, but I think a lot of people have been driven to losing said plot over the past couple of weeks!

    I looked it up......."A Hovmöller diagram is a commonly used way of plotting meteorological data to highlight the role of waves. The axes of a Hovmöller diagram are typically longitude or latitude (abscissa or x-axis) and time (ordinate or y-axis) with the value of some field represented through color or shading."

    Now I will have to read that again and think about it for a few days before I can tell you what it means! :)

  5. 40 minutes ago, Paul_1978 said:

    Well well..... South Westerlies at T+201 becomes Westerly/North Westerly by T+225, and a sinking low and Easterly by T+276 and the Atlantic starting to look blocked again. 

    Perhaps today hasn't been so bad after all?


    Exactly. Does it matter what happens next week? Its the evolution thereafter that counts.

  6. 25 minutes ago, Frost HoIIow said:

    It's already here. OK it's not what most of us in here including me would ideally want (deep cold and snow) & some may call this "faux cold" but non the less it's still cold with a hard frost expected tonight and temps struggling tomorrow in the low single figures. Much better than rain, wind & mild temps.

    True enough. Colder temperatures tonight and tomorrow night than 99% of nights last winter! But, yes, a blizzard would be better......

  7. 13 minutes ago, damianslaw said:

    Changeable outlook from todays models, a warm up as we move through the rest of the week, but only back to near average temps by the weekend, with a slow moving band of rain, could be some large totals for some which will be noticeable after such a lengthy dry period. Into next week, high pressure from the azores nosing in with a milder tropical maritime feed, so becoming mild for the time of year,but it looks a shortlived affair, as low pressure swings in from the NW and introduces increasingly colder air as the week wears on, with the northern half of the country enveloped in sub 528 dam air before the working week is out, which would no doubt increase risk of snowfall for low levels - supported by Met office forecast.

    Whilst we are seeing the polar vortex set to intensify over Greenland in the coming days, there is every chance given other signals notably MJO that it may not become a significant robust feature, indeed further trough disruption quite likely with the influence of heights to our NE once again pulling the breaks on trough movement eastwards ultimately squeezing the PV from powering into gear and eventually dropping trough into central europe enabling those mid atlantic heights to ridge northwards again and perhaps join hands with heights to the NE - I'm reading between the lines of the Met Office long term forecast, and this would suggest such an evolutionary synoptical set up as we move through the latter part of November and into December.

    Short term milder/average conditions for longer term colder prospects perhaps?

    I hardly ever post on here, but suffice to say I would be very happy with this evolution. The further into December for cold the better, November won't bring anything meaningful for us Southerners, no matter how good the synoptics.

  8. I think im correct(someone will if im wrong) but the midlands has seen some great snowfalls from sliders in the past...

    Im with you karl,its concerning me.

    TBH SO many times in the past we have sat here crowing over the cold synoptics at 144h and the meto have refused to ramp,9 times out of 10 when t0 arrives im wearing wellies and carrying an umbrella..

    Im Praying for a change tomorrow Posted Image

    I agree. The charts look stellar, but until the Met Office are confident enough to shout about it, I'm taking it all with a huge pinch of salt.

  9. I rarely post on here, but I think the frequency of snowless winters varies greatly across the country. May be rare in Scotland, but not so rare in Devon away from the hills! We have been spoilt the last few years.

    Anyway, that aside, I've noticed recent tweets about a possible SSW event in 15 days or so. Does anyone remember if the SSW last year was forecast correctly by the GFS? Sorry if this has already been covered....

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