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  1. Hi, Sleeting here in Selsdon. Large blobs landing on floor, and vanishing inside a second. Wasn't expecting anything before the afternoon tbh
  2. Just did a final check of the lampost whilst locking everything up, and to my suprise, there are a few flakes still falling! On that note, is goodnight from Selsdon
  3. lightly snowing in Selsdon now. Side roads are nice and white again, but only a dusting. Settled well on pavements and grass.
  4. I don't think it was predicted yesterday, but Yamkin posted that metoffice had notified Croydon Borough Council about heavy precipitation this evening earlier on (about 2 ish I think)
  5. From the radar, there's more appearing where this blob started from. Whether it'll follow the same path or not, I don't know.
  6. Snows settled well on the side roads in Selsdon now, and doing a pretty good job of the main roads as well at the moment. Still snowing heavily. Whole circulation seems to have just moved west though on radar. Still a good showing
  7. Still snowing well in Selsdon. According to osm rain pro radar, showing green areas developing well in the circulation to the south. Looks like plenty still to come.
  8. Hiya, Children were happy Snowing as came out of school, and looked like a snowman by the time walked home. All melted, But a new batch is coming down now, even turning the road white. Lovely watching it fall atm
  9. Hiya, Brief snow shower in Sheringham left the ground white. http://webcams.nnrailway.co.uk/ Looks like showers that turned to rain as they crossed the M25 to nw are turning back to snow according to radar Will cheer the children up if it turns white for school run, but feel it's more likely for the run in tomorrow
  10. Hiya, Only a back garden one (watson 8681), but has done the job over the years here. Slight dispute with webhost atm so not publcally available anymore If you're up towards the common probably closer to biggin WS but elevation will be slightly out.
  11. Hiya, Well in Selsdon, and the WS here is reading 7.6C . Temps have been going through the roof (so to speak) since the cloud rolled over about 11.30 ish Have to admit, I did go and change the batteries as I didn't believe the readings either
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